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    arkx82 got a reaction from Antoineki in I can not access the folder.   
    I can not access certain folders.
    howto can I fix it?
    is can force re-indexing?
    error message in windows exploler
     - Location is not available.
       Can not access.
       The file or directory is corrupt and can not be read.
    I try de-attach and re-attach... same result.
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    arkx82 got a reaction from chcguy88 in Drive mount Error   
    OS : Windows server 2016
    Cloud drive : Google
    I did reboot PC.
    and I encounter this error
    "Drive mount Error"
     - Http status InternalServerError
    Would you please help me..?
    what can I do..
    I did retrying.... so long time...
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    arkx82 got a reaction from Antoineki in Clouddrive can't detach   
    Version :
    OS : Windows server 2016
    Performance - I/O Performance
    - uncheck background I/O
    - uncheck Prefetcher
    Check Force close existing files
    I don't know what is problem..
    Access is denied.
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