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  1. I'm having to migrate all of my files to a new stablebit drive due to Google Drive corruption. Based on how long it is going to take to download then upload everything I'm trying to do some housekeeping to delete some content that I can live without. However, it is taking HOURS to delete folders. I started just using Windows explorer to delete and when it ran for 24 hours I killed the GUI session and dropped to the command line. I started with rmdir /S and have now moved to DEL /F/Q/S J:\[foldername]>nul followed by the rmdir/S to try to improve the time. I can't see that it is making a difference. Am I missing something, or is this expected behavior? I wouldn't think there would be a large download from the cloud provider just to delete the files/folders.
  2. I have had the same experience. There is an article in the troubleshooting steps that tell you to run chkdsk (I forget the switch), but that didn't work for me. The guide says you can turn on the ignore checksum errors, which worked for me for a while, but now I have the same experience that files aren't uploading. The only solution I have found is to create a brand new disk and move files from one to the other. The second disk does upload. Support has indicated that the checksum errors are at the provider level and are not recoverable.
  3. I'm getting an error "Duplicate chunk 879,612,224,324 of chunk 2,992,104 does not exist and cannot be used for recovery." This is causing the drive to force unmount. I can reattach the drive, but within minutes it does the same thing. I know I can go to Troubleshooting and ignore this message, but I'm afraid to do that without some way to fix the error and turn the ignore option back off. I'm fearful of my data getting corrupted. Any guidance on remediation? Thanks in advance.
  4. I just wanted to drop a note here on the community forum for folks who may be considering StableBit Cloud Drive and are researching the support forum prior to making a purchasing decision. I've had questions on two occasions since I've been a license holder that led me to open support cases for assistance. Both times I received prompt, personal and highly knowledgeable engagement from support. For such a cutting edge (in my mind) product, that is so affordable (in my opinion), I couldn't ask for a better support system. The forums here are great too. My two cents -- thanks team for a great product backed by a great staff.
  5. With Amazon's decision to depart from the space, is this conversion utility capable of converting my Amazon Stablebit folder to Google Drive?
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