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  1. lotsofdrives, Depending on your NAS devices, you could potentially use them as iSCSI targets. Present the iSCSI volumes to your windows box that has the "local" drives in it. Then pool them there. The caveat is that being remote iSCSI volumes, DrivePool and its relative software products won't be able to read any hardware data from the disks as they are not local disks. I am doing something similar and using iSCSI to present disks to other machines where I can pool them there.
  2. ...perhaps a new feature for you. Live Storage migration. It could copy the file (in this case a VHDX) to an alternate disk in the pool. Then, it can direct calls to the new file once its copied successfully and delete the original on the failing (or otherwise identified) disk. Could be implemented specifically for virtual hard drive file types or any file type.
  3. OK. They will never NOT be in use... as they are system disks for VMs. Does this also mean that it will not balance them or move them if Scanner detects a hardware issue?
  4. I am thinking I also need to try the BETA. I just purchased drivepool and am using it in perhaps a unique way. I have DrivePool pooling 4 physical drives. On the pool I have created multiple 1TB VHDX virtual Hard Drives. These I am presenting from the server as iSCSI over Ethernet LUNS to a Hyper-V cluster where they are carved up for VMs. Everything was great, but I thought perhaps the TOTAL size of the pool was misrepresented (I did math wrong). Anyway, I hit remeasure on the pool and now MOST of my data shows as other. There is really not much data outside of the pool on these disks... but it says 7TB is now OTHER when it was showing them as Unduplicated Pool Data before. Being that they are VHDX files that are being used by VMs at a different layer..they are IN USE... is that why the re-measure is not working correctly against the pool data?
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