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  1. Christopher (Drashna)'s post in Which Beta should I download? was marked as the answer   
    For now, that beta should be fine. 
    THough, hopefully, we should have another public beta for StableBit Drivepool out soon (and then a release build sometime after that). 
  2. Christopher (Drashna)'s post in Drivepool issue with rclone was marked as the answer   
    Sorry for the long delay,
    This should be fixed with the latest beta versions. 
    Alex (the dev) beleives that the issue was fixed here: 
  3. Christopher (Drashna)'s post in No longer able to create new ACD drives in build 870 was marked as the answer   
    Well, the "quick" solution would be to uninstall the release version, install an older version and then create the drive. Then upgrade.
    that said, this may not fix the issue, as chunks showing up as photos may still occur in the newer version.  Encrypting the drive may further help with this, but it may not, as well.
    To be blunt, there is a reason we discontinued support for ACD, and we don't recommend using it for any important data. PERIOD.
    As for re-adding support, this depends ENTIRELY on Amazon, as we've tried repeatedly to make the provider to work, and work within their undisclosed limits.   At this point, all we can do is keep on asking them to approve us for production use ... which we've been doing, to no avail. 
    And no, we don't plan on completely dropping it, as there are people still using drives (like yourself).  We don't want to leave them in a situation where they cannot access their data. 
  4. Christopher (Drashna)'s post in Cloud Drive Redundancy was marked as the answer   
    The simplest way to do this is to create a new drive and sync them.  DrivePool isn't necessary, but if you want to keep the contents up to date and synced, then pooling the drives and enabling duplication is going to be incredibly simple.
    And yes, you can use multiple accounts here, if you want. (ideally). 
  5. Christopher (Drashna)'s post in unable to get back security on a file was marked as the answer   
    Okay, then this may not be directly related to StableBit DrivePool. then. 
    Either way, are you able to reliably reproduce the issue, or does it happen seemingly randomly? 
    Also, does this happen when deleting folders? Or otherwise cleaning up stuff on the disk? 
    Also, does this only happen on the drives in on the Syba controller? 
    Also, it may be a good idea to test the internal beta build, as there are a number of fixes that may address this (such as the folder deletion). 
  6. Christopher (Drashna)'s post in File System Damaged. Next Steps? was marked as the answer   
    Do not run "/scan".   This actually skips the bitmap errors, for the sake of keeping the disk online.
    You need to run "chkdsk d: /f", in this case, rather than "/scan". This will identify and fix the issues.
  7. Christopher (Drashna)'s post in Amazon Cloud Drive: HTTP Status 429 errors was marked as the answer   
    The 429 response code is a throttling response.  
    This means that there isn't anything we can really do.   We do automatically retry when we get these sort of errors, and we back off exponentially (eg, wait longer and longer to retry).  
    But basically, Amazon's servers are actively refusing to return the data that we're requesting.  There is no fix or work around here, because this is ENTIRELY a server side issue.  It's not an issue with our software (especially as we're not the only ones experiencing this issue. RCLONE and other cloud utilites are seeing this with Amazon Cloud Drive.  
    THis is likely due to Amazon's servers getting "hammered" and them not able to keep up with the requests.  Which means this is an infrastructure issue.... or "a consequence of using a consumer grade cloud provider" (which is a shitty response....). 
    This has happened a couple of times in the last couple months, and usually this clears up in a couple of days.  It's a shitty situation, as "waiting" is a horrible response.  But we're completely at Amazon's mercy here.  
    It's issues like this, is why the Amazon Cloud Drive provider is considered an experimental provider.   
    Hopefully, if they re-approve us for production status, this will stop occurring, but I seriously doubt that (RCLONE and the like *are* approved, IIRC).  
  8. Christopher (Drashna)'s post in If you disable duplication, will DP un-duplicate the pool? was marked as the answer   
    When you change the settings, StableBit DrivePool will run a duplication pass, and unduplicate data, as necessary.  This basically means that it will delete the unneeded copies. 
  9. Christopher (Drashna)'s post in Drivepool shows CoveCubeCoveFs disk (to add). was marked as the answer   
    Reboot the system.  See if that helps. 
  10. Christopher (Drashna)'s post in Move "Pre-Release" Google Drive To New Drive was marked as the answer   
    It's not harmful or anything. It's just letting you know that the drive was created with a pre-release (beta) version of the software. 
    You can safely ignore it, as it won't impact the drive. 
    That said, if the drive was created with a much older version, you MAY want to consider recreating the drive and migrating the data over, because there have been a bunch of changes and improvements since some of the older builds. 
    But this is not mandatory, nor necessary.  It is completely optional, on your part. 
  11. Christopher (Drashna)'s post in Stablebit causing the system to be unresonsive was marked as the answer   
    Well, you found a race condition (eg, a very rare set of circumstances). 
    This issue should be fixed in the latest build:
  12. Christopher (Drashna)'s post in DriveBalancing - OFF was marked as the answer   
    If you've set the settings on the main page, then you should be file. The other stuff shouldn't need to be messed with.  But you can uncheck all of the balancers, if you want. 
  13. Christopher (Drashna)'s post in Change cache disk was marked as the answer   
    however, the drive has to be non-removable, and cannot be a "dynamic disk". 
  14. Christopher (Drashna)'s post in Scanner not performing automatic checks was marked as the answer   
    Make sure that the "Start / stop automatically" button is highlighted.
    If that is, and it still hasn't scanned, and it's been more than 45 days, let me know.
  15. Christopher (Drashna)'s post in Removed failing drive from pool, why are some files left on it? was marked as the answer   
    If you used the "Duplicate data later" option when removing the disk, then the data left would be duplicated data. 
    If you check the "PoolPart.xxxxx" folder, you can see what was left over, and it should be in the same relative location as the pool. 
  16. Christopher (Drashna)'s post in I/O error was marked as the answer   
    It's hard to tell.  If it continues to occur, then it may be an issue. 
    And in that case, you may want to reduce the number of IO threads are being used, as this help. 
  17. Christopher (Drashna)'s post in EVO 960 and (possible) bad sector? was marked as the answer   
    First, try installing this version: 
    And then you can force it to rescan the "damaged" sectors. To do so, double click on the drive in question, click on the 4th button down on the left side (it should have a green circle), and select "mark unreadable sectors as unchecked". 
    If the issue comes back, then there may be a problem.   In this case, try accessing "\ProgramFiles\CLink4\Service_trace.0.log" and see if that has issues.  If it does, then there definitely is an issue with the drive. 
    Another thing to test is the "Burst Test". Right click on the drive and select this option. Let it run overnight (or longer) and see if that comes back with any errors.  If this does, then there may be a communication issue with the disk. 
  18. Christopher (Drashna)'s post in Manual check not doing anything? was marked as the answer   
    Double click on the drive, click on the 4th button down (green circle on it) and select "Mark drive as unchecked" 
  19. Christopher (Drashna)'s post in Error - Files not constistant across pooled drives was marked as the answer   
    Did StableBit CloudDrive indicate that it was running recovery on your drives? 

    If so, there was an issue where the data was getting corrupted by Google (it's a long explanation).  The newest version attempts to automatically repair that data, but it may not be 100%. 
    In this case, if your drives did get repaired, it *could* cause this. 
    That said, this issue is no longer an issue.  We've made changes that will absolutely make sure that this CANNOT happen in the future. 
    That said, StableBit DrivePool does write identical files, and ties to make sure of this.
    If/when there is an issue, it will be flagged in the UI.  However, this relies on accessing the file, in most cases.  It will check the file modify date and if that doesn't match, then it will run a CRC check on the files.  
    However, given the above issue, the dates may have been fine, so it didn't flag the file for a crc hash. 

    This should not occur in the future, but if it does, then please let me know, right away. 
  20. Christopher (Drashna)'s post in Empty PoolPart folder - cause of mis-reporting Other? was marked as the answer   
    Remeasure the pool (Pool Options -> Remeasure).
    Depends on a number of factors.
    If the PoolPart folder is not hidden, then it has been removed from a pool, and is considered "not pooled".   
    And in this case, if there is data in this folder, then it will show up as other data.
    To be honest here, I think the best solution will be to move all of the data out of both of the poolPart folders on this disk, delete the folder, reboot the system and then re-add the disk to the pool.  And then move the contents into the newly created PoolPart folder and remeasure. 
    If you have issues with deleting, then do this;:
    Also, I think you opened a ticket that involved this.  
    We can see about opening a remote support session so I can take a look at what is going on directly and help out. 
  21. Christopher (Drashna)'s post in Dell and LSI RAID cards not passing along SMART was marked as the answer   
    Right now, there isn't anything we can here. 
    Specifically, because the drives are all in RAID arrays, we don't see the actual, underlying disk.  We only see the RAID array.  This means that the controller itself is not passing on the SMART data properly.
    HD Sentinel works by querying the controller directly and grabbing the information from there. This is why the software may be slow and buggy, actually. 
    The best suggestion I can really give you is to grab a SAS 9200-8e or 9207-8e card instead. These are HBA cards, so no RAID support at all, but they pass on all of the SMART data properly. 
    Otherwise, the SMART data may not be strictly necessary. The file system and surface scans may be able to detect issues prior to failure. 
  22. Christopher (Drashna)'s post in Issue re-adding a drive after a RAID rebuild. was marked as the answer   
    Drive is already added to the pool. 
    Yeah, this is a known issue with the release version.  Resetting the settings will fix this issue, actually. 
    But this is something that shouldn't happen on newer builds. 
  23. Christopher (Drashna)'s post in 1:1 Duplication and their "Free Space" in the Pool was marked as the answer   
    There isn't really a work around for this. 
    Specifically, even if you're using x2 for the "pool file duplication" to enable duplication on the entire disk, we can't be 100% certain of that. 
    You could have different levels of duplication on the pool. 
    We could "fix" this by running some calculations each time that the free space was queried.  But that would be essentially checking the duplication status of the ENTIRE pool every time.  Which would add significant overhead.  Or even cache it and look for changes. 
    And then there is the said calculations, which would also add overhead.
    The simplest method is to report the combined free space of all of the drives.   This is the simplest and most compatible method to calculate the free space. 
  24. Christopher (Drashna)'s post in Google Drive Upload Error: Object Reference is not set to an Instance of an object was marked as the answer   
    Is this still occurring? 
    If so, could you grade to the latest and see if this helps? 
    If that doesn't help, let me know. 
  25. Christopher (Drashna)'s post in How does DP decide which files to delete when changing Duplication? was marked as the answer   
    Alex confirmed which: 
    The files are removed from the disk with the lease free space, first.
    So if you're trying to free up space, this may be the specific type of behavior you want. 
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