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  1. You are very weclome! Correct. At least for that system. Reconnecting it should automatically re-activate, though.
  2. lol. Well if it helps, IIRC, you can have multiple parity drives with SnapRAID, which I'd definitely recommend.
  3. Yeah, the notification will remain until it's resolved. If you really, really must kill the notifcations, you an disable the notification.exe process. I don't recommend it, because you may (will) miss important notifications.
  4. StableBit Cloud will sync the scan data, actually. So reconnecting it will get it back. You will want to delete the device in the cloud, IIRC. Correct, but that's not exactly how the scan works. StableBit Scanner keeps a sector map of the scanning progress. Different regions are tracked independently, and it's those regions that have to be older than "x days" (7 days in your example), when they're rescanned. Over time, this should cause the drives to be scanned when there is less activity, and should spread out the scanning over the week.
  5. It can leave empty folders, especially if you're aggressively rebalancing the pool. That said, the folders may not actually be empty. Hidden files, for instance, may reside in the folders and not get balanced away. Also, there are alternate data streams that are used for duplication settings, so the folders may be empty, but they have settings tagged onto them.
  6. Well, upgrading the system means a more power efficient system too. So that can be worth it, on it's own. And 11 years ... is quite old! I'm pretty sure that sme of my hardware is about as old, and I need to upgrade too!
  7. could you open a ticket at https://stablebit.com/Contact for this issue?
  8. This has an explanation of what these may be, here: Most likely, it's from the System Volume Information folder that Windows automatically creates. That, or if you're formatting using a non-standard allocation unit size, or using ReFS, then this may be normal.
  9. Yup, exactly. Also, while 1:1 duplication is more expensive, in terms of storage space, you don't suffer performance penalties for accessing that data when you do have a failed drive. Parity solutions mean that either it's simply not accessible until a rebuild is finished, or that any access has to rebuild that data on the fly, as a non-insignaificant performance penalty. Also, parity support adds complexity, as parity calculations have to be made at some point. And since we prefer any protection to be done in realtime, that means in the kernel, most likely. And that's just about the most expensive place to run that, from a system standpoint.
  10. Yeah, the chia/chai/whatever storage crypto has wrecked the market for drives. And enterprise drives may be cheaper, simply because fo supply/demand issues. Part of why I mentioned them, because I'd noticed that a while ago, and it still seems to hold true. Also, enterprise drives tend to have longer warranty periods, too.
  11. It should be immediately, but if it's running a balancing pass, you will need to manually abort that, as it will run until the pass is finished, normally.
  12. well, StableBit Scanner doesn't run from the system tray, so there isn't really an option to "exit" it. However, if you open up the notification in StableBit Scanner, it should have an option to ignore it. Barring that, you can change some of the settings here: https://stablebit.com/Support/Scanner/2.X/Manual?Section=Heat Changing the threshold to 10C may help, for instance (instead of the default of 10C)
  13. Oh wow. It may be worth contacting PrimoCache's company to see if they have a recommendation here. That may work, but it would definitely be better to target the underlying disks, as the actual reads occur there. You'll get better results that way, without a doubt.
  14. NAS rated drives are probably your best bet. Though, if you can find enterprise drives for comparible pricing, that's what I'd go with.
  15. This is my answer. Specifically, not a SATa card, because ... most chipsets are garbage, unfortunately. But the LSI SAS 9207-8i card (or similar) are a good option. They're on the more pricy side, because they're SAS cards (entirprise). but they're rock solid, allow you to immediately add 8 more drives (with the proper SAS to SATA cables), and can chain over 100 drives, in theory.
  16. I do the same, mostly: Full format, let scanner run it's checks, and then put it into the pool. The abuse from a full format and a full read pass is most likely to catch the starting end of the bathtub curve, so I feel reasonably safe using it at that point
  17. the status can be reset here: https://stablebit.com/Support/Scanner/2.X/Manual?Section=Disk Scanning Panel#Sector Map
  18. Yes. It depends on the hardware, and bandwidth available, to be honest. There is definitely overhead for each drive, so there is a therotical limit. Though, I have seen (recently) somebody having issues with 40+ drives mounted on the same system, with some pretty good specs.
  19. Nope. Sorry. And making software that fits everyone's needs leads to software that fits nobody's needs. We'd rather a clear, focused direction, over the alternative!
  20. Ah, okay, I see what you mean about the UI saving, now. I'll flag that as a bug, since I can definitely reproduce. https://stablebit.com/Admin/IssueAnalysis/28642
  21. To make sure, you have the bitlocker detection option enabled (in the settings.json file)? https://wiki.covecube.com/StableBit_DrivePool_2.x_Advanced_Settings
  22. And sounds like there is an issue with how the system is reporting the drive information. If you haven't, try the latest beta version, as that may help here. Otherwise, could you open a ticket at https:///stablebit.com/Contact
  23. WWe don't have any plans on adding parity support for StableBit DrivePool. Sorry.
  24. Since this is the first I've heard of it, I can confidently say that no, it hasn't. And how is this configured? Hardware based? Software based? Dynamic disks? etc.
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