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  1. Hi All Just wanted to provide feedback. I did the steps above and followed Christophers advice and it worked like a charm! Wish all software was so easy! Thanks
  2. Ok cool, Appreciate the quick response! Thanks
  3. Hi All Just after some advice. My Hard drive with the operating system of my Media Server is starting to get errors on it so I have decided I will change it. I will replace it with a SSD, my Drivepool has 6 HDDs, I looked up the forums and I can see the steps seem to be the following:- 1) Disconnect all the Hard drives from the system 2) Insert new SSD, install Windows OS and reboot 3) Download Stablebit Drivepool and insert license 4) Power down pc and reconnect the Drivepool drives 5) Restart pc Drivepool should recognize the drives and all my data will be safe, correct? The only thing is I have been running Windows Server 2011 for a long time and Im still using Drivepool 1.X , I want to Install Windows 10 this time and Drivepool 2.X which i have already bought with the same license. Will it be as simple as following the steps above or are there other steps I need to do? Thanks All
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