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    Hide Drives In Pool

    You don't even need folder mount points for drives in a pool. DP can handle completely unmounted drives. You can also add, remove or change a drive's letter or mount folder any time before or after having it added to a pool.
  2. Viktor

    Writing Enabled?

    I think, the setting you are looking for can be found under Manage Drive -> Performance -> I/O Performance. Unselect the "Upload threads" checkbox. This will stop any data upload for that drive. (The "Writing enabled" box seems to be an informational item, which cannot be unselected directly.)
  3. When I recently saw this issue, I created a ticket and provided a couple of affected chunk files. Now I did some further investigations and identified what these files have in common: It’s the first two characters. All my affected files start with “P1â€, “P2â€, “P3â€, “P4â€, “P5â€, “P6†or “P7â€. The rest of the file does not matter and the issue is not restricted to chunk files. It applies to any file, even to ordinary text files, which start with such a header (when I upload a .txt file to ACD with something like “P1 bla bla …â€, it shows up under “Photos & Videos†with “Could not Displayâ€). I finally found the reason, why ACD identifies these seven two-byte strings as picture headers: These strings (P1, P2, … P7) are the seven magic numbers of the Netbpm format (portable anymap format). Maybe this help to develop a solution.
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