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    GDog got a reaction from Mick Mickle in Scanner "upgrade" loses my setups!   
    Mick Mickie:  Thanks for jumping in Mick! Christopher just said "Crashes", so I thought the "Fix" might not help me. I don't usually upgrade to Beta versions of anything, but in this case I think I might make an exception. I was just upgrading to sort of get away from the built-in wssx versions in preparation for my upcoming move to Server 2016 Essentials.
    Again, thanks!
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    GDog got a reaction from Jaga in Thinking of Upgrading OS from WHS2011 to ???   
    Umfriend: I do actually use WHS for client backups, I said it’s just not the one I RELY on, that’s really all. Reason is because WHS has failed to restore about half of the PC’s I have asked it to do. Macrium Reflect has NEVER let me down. In addition, this way I have 2 sets of backups, which can’t hurt except for the drive space required to have it. 
    BTW: Regarding the backup thing, consider this: Macrium Reflect is fully network aware, and full or incremental image backups can be scheduled to happen automatically, in the background, at any degree of bandwidth, at any chosen time, written to any network share or connected PC, with post-backup verifications and terminations. All this is in the FREE version. The Paid version allows differential and file backups as well. So, if backup is the only reason YOU are using WHS2011, then I ask you: Why are YOU using it?
    Also, don’t forget that WHS2011 was WAY CHEAP compared to these newer Server OS’s. If you recall, it was never sold as a Retail package. You could buy it in the retail channel (I bought my copy through Newegg for like ~$50), but it was only ever intended to be sold to entities that manufactured their PC’s as OEM's. This could describe me and every PC I have ever owned except for the Laptops. At the time, $50 was about 1/3 the cost of any other OS MS was selling.
    As far as what I use it for, besides the secondary backups, I just use it mostly as a Media Server to stream my collections of Music, Movies and Misc Videos. It is by far the most stable OS I have ever had. Each of my Family members has their own Shares, but I am not sure what they are using those for beyond storage of mostly their music.
    Are you saying that I can do these things just as effortlessly with any MS Desktop OS??? I never really considered that, but I might now if we can’t resolve this concurrent user thing brought up by Jaga!
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    GDog got a reaction from Jaga in Fantastic Deal on 4TB HDD at Newegg!   
    Hello everyone:
    Not sure if this is the correct Forum for this, but I just wanted to let you all know about what I consider to be a fantastic deal on some 4TB Drives at Newegg.  Drashna, you can move it if you need to. To save everyone’s time, I’ll just give you the stats:
    ·       Brand:                      Toshiba
    ·       Model:                      MD04ACA400 (Bare Drive)
    ·       Capacity:                 4TB
    ·       Size:                         3.5”
    ·       Speed:                     7200RPM
    ·       Connection:            SATA 6.0Gb/s
    ·       Cache:                     128MB
    ·       Warranty:                5-Years from Toshiba
    ·       Seller:                      Newegg
    ·       Item Number:        N82E16822149644  (Newegg)    
    ·       Shipping:                Free, 3-Day Fed-Ex  
    ·       Price:                      $93.49  (That’s $23.37 per TB, Delivered!)
    IMPORTANT: When you do a Search for the drive on Newegg’s site, do so using only the Newegg Item Number. The drive does not come up with an ordinary search, but the same model from GoHardDrive.com DOES come up for $93.00 or so with a 3-year warranty. If you want, you can just try this direct link to the Newegg offering:
    https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16822149644       Newegg says they are discounting the drive from $205.99 (55%).
    I found the Newegg offering quite by chance after I had to return BOTH the drives I purchased from GoHardDrive.com due to numerous bad sectors right out of the package. ALSO, the GoHardDrive units have Manufacturing dates 18-24 Months ago and GoHardDrive is providing the warranty themselves. The Newegg drives I purchased were made in Feb, 2018. I just finished running them through extensive testing and they are both in Perfect 100% Health with no errors at all. I have verified the 5-Year warranty by Serial Number directly on Toshiba’s website. Here’s the link for that (not easy to find):
    These seem to be good quality drives. When I bought them, Newegg was advertising them as Enterprise Drives. I already knew they weren’t however and I bought them anyway. 5-Years is a SUPERB Warranty! Now in the new listing, they dropped “Enterprise” and just say “Good for Servers”.
    Hope I’m not wasting your time. I did do a search on the Forum to make sure no one had already said something and I didn’t see anything.
    If you’re interested, don’t dally on it. Enough people already do know about them that they are selling like crazy. Newegg told me they are already on their second order of 10,000 drives!
    Hope this helps someone,
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