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  1. One came back after a chkdsk /f, thank god. The other one won't finish a chkdsk without erroring out.
  2. Same problem here on two different Google accounts. Both disks went RAW. Seems like an issue with CloudDrive and not Google, as nothing else got corrupted.
  3. So am I to take it there is no solution to the RAW disk problem? I lost 20 TB then. I'm not sure how this is Google's issue if nothing else on the drive is affected. Seems like a software issue. I had two different volumes on two different accounts as well for redundancy. Both of them came up RAW. I'm very glad I kept important personal data local and didn't move it to a CloudDrive. Time to switch platforms.
  4. I tried the latest beta and am still having the same issue. Going to try some things to see if I can trigger it to kick off transferring data again without having to reboot since the developer seems to be in a coma.
  5. Having the same issue. No activity and the cache fills up until reboot, then it starts up again. Really annoying. Seems to be an issue with the latest version.
  6. One issue I continually have is that once the connection is dropped, I have to logon and manually click the retry button and it will reconnect the disk. If there was a way to automate this action without manual intervention, that would be awesome. Maybe set it to retry the connection every 5 minutes or so?
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