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  1. Thats just the largest value in the dropdown, you can type into it too, the largest NTFS formatted it can do is 256TB, but it will let you create larger if you want to use a different file system. You can also resize once its created.
  2. Sure, I'm using a 100TB drive on google drive, I'm sure there probably is a limit, but no idea what it actually is tho.
  3. Well, while I dont agree with the other guy about clouddrive being no good, its working great for me, you certainly can do that with rclone too, have just set it up on a vps to test it, integrated fully with a sonarr/sab/plex workflow. Oddly enough, I'm getting quite poor write performance with it to google drive right now, but was fine earlier. But basically, yeah, that scenario works well with it
  4. 80Mbps, sadly, its the fastest we can get here, none of this fancy gbps for us, not quite maxing it, but this is not too bad for this line, and looks like thats being throttled by google at even that, http://imgur.com/a/JJTE0
  5. Ahh, ok, so that wasnt it then, worth a try. I'm only on an 80Mbs down connection, but maxing that out easily enough with clouddrive/google
  6. No idea if its the same cause I was seeing, but with the .778 build on a 100TB google drive, I was seeing the same problem, upgrading to .782 build has solved it for me, now getting speeds maxing my connection (which is a low slower than your admittedly)
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