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  1. well, if you read my previous posts, i did comment on having already sending a ticket to my problem, no response either. maybe coz its the holidays but come on, a potential paid service should have fast replies even during holidays. i have a question, have you even tried rclone, your competition? your response says a clear no. as rclone is able to encrypt both the files and filenames. so, anything thats encrypted will be a jumbled mess without any extensions whatsoever. i.e tvshow.mkv > hydgvd76473jfifhhfrj i get that block might be much more secure, but at what cost? the speed difference is night and day. having 80/40 for stablebit 800/400 for rclone. i just want to share what i learnt so unless you get it up and running to get 800/400, I don't see the real benefit in using your product at all. its just how the way it is.
  2. and im sure people would agree, me liking 800/400 dl/ul speeds make sense no?
  3. the support you mentioned here is 4 days late. which is counter intuitive. rather than telling me what i already know. why not explain what's the difference between block based and file based? and the pros and cons the reason i came to stablebit is: 1) save my files in the cloud 2) it needs to be encrypted as sending unencrypted stuff online is a disaster I'm sure its the same for most people. note keyword: FILES so why not help others find a better way than your product that has 4 days superb support delay which is much faster than community support mind you. lol
  4. i suggest to everyone that wants stablebit to work as intended to change to rclone. the reasons are as follows: 1) its encrypyed 2) super fast dl/ul getting 800/400mbps stable 3) you can definitely mount and share it thru samba (linux mount>windows), making it a freaking network drive just like you would stablebit. 4) you can even download from said network drive 5) and of course it doesn't download while streaming, which is also SMOOTH AF
  5. i gave up on the speeds. went for rclone instead. much better than this shtty software and its free.
  6. for chunks, i see that i can change it everytime i reattach. lets say i create the drive with 100mb chunks. then detached and reattach it with 20mb. does this make a difference for the file itself?
  7. I'm sorry if i come about it aggressively. trust me, i really want this to work. what are your settings? i would like to copy yours and test it again. 300-400 download will make me buy it instantly tbh.
  8. What speeds are you getting? I have no choice but to not use your product if this goes on. No support to resolve my issue. Has sent a ticket 2 days ago = no replies. Post forum = no replies. TBH this is a dead service.
  9. we on the same boat mate. anyone knows how to solve this thing? anyome who actually paid for the service please advice since the people here wont reply to trial users.
  10. yea bummer.. 80Mbs or 80MBs? coz the bytes and bits matters! take a screenshot please, will at least give me some hope.
  11. yes im using .782 build. care to share some pics of your speed? having to see my speed whole day is frustrating.
  12. I'm having speeds up to 100MB/s = 800Mb/s, speeds direct download from google drive from pure transferring, no encryption. This essentially maxes out my internet plan which is 1Gbps. Proof = http://imgur.com/a/lqm2y But when i try to download through stablebit i get this shitty speeds of 2MB/s = 16Mb/s, shown here, http://imgur.com/a/Lu61B. I'm still on trial to test this out. I really want this to work and would like to purchase your product. Please help me fix this. These are my settings : http://imgur.com/a/TQM4F 10TB drive, 10gb local cache, 20mb chunk. I see a lot of success stories which made me try this in the first place. Do help me fix this problem.
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