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  1. No need for me to look further. It works now, and I really only use this as a WHS replacement to backup my home PCs. I rarely log into the server anyway. Thanks again for your help.
  2. Thank you very much Jaga. The services were already set to auto restart in Recovery, but on its own, that did not resolve the issue. Setting to Automatic (Delayed start) seems to have resolved things. Three restarts now and no issues with the utilities connecting to the services.
  3. Running Windows Server 2016 with Essentials Role, all updates installed. Stablebit Scanner ver Stablebit DrivePool ver The issue I am having is that Drivepool and Scanner Services are not starting automatically. I restart the server and they still do not start. As a result, the Essentials Dashboard will not load the Drivepool and Scanner tabs. There is just a message Connecting to Service (elapsed time). I have reinstalled both utilities and restarted the server a few times with the same result. When I manually start the services the dashboard tabs work correctly. Any ideas?
  4. I often see this message in the Windows Essentials Health Monitoring tab in Windows Server 2016 Standard. One or more new hard drives are connected to the server Occurrences SERVER2016 4/28/2017 10:03 PM Details The following new hard drives are available for data storage, for Server Backup or for creating a storage space: COVECUBE CoveFs__________ Drive #4 Resolution To use the hard drive to store server folders, click Storage, and then click Server Folders. To use the hard drive for Server Backup, click Devices, select the server, and then click Set up Server Backup or Customize Backup for the server. To use the hard drive to create a storage space, click Storage, then click Hard Drives. In the task pane, click Create a Storage Space. If I clear this information alert, it will generate again shortly after. This is the Drivepool drive on my system. All appears to be working fine with the server. Client backups are being completed successfully. Is this anything to worry about? Or do I continue to ignore it? Drivepool version BETA
  5. Thanks for the reply. I was just using Windows Task Manager to check the memory usage. But I just checked again this morning and the task is not showing in TM. Memory use back down again. No restarts by the way. It must have been some maintenance going on that I had not noticed before. I do not log into the server very often.
  6. I was just looking at my Server 2016 memory use, and noticed that MS Storage Spaces was using 560MB. If I am using Drivepool, is that leveraging the Drive Spaces features on the server? If not, can anyone suggest a way to reduce this memory usage?
  7. If it is normal, then I'll just ignore it. I'll keep an eye on it to try to get an idea of the frequency of the warnings.
  8. Windows Server 2016 Standard with Essentials Role. DrivePool version BETA. I have been seeing an issue with the File Distribution not Optimal. I just looked at Event Viewer and see a number of warnings for the DrivePool disk (disk 4) The IO operation at logical block address 0x1 for Disk 4 (PDO name: \Device\0000002e) was retried. The IO operation at logical block address 0x11 for Disk 4 (PDO name: \Device\0000002e) was retried. The IO operation at logical block address 0x21 for Disk 4 (PDO name: \Device\0000002e) was retried. This goes on for about 7 minutes every 10 -15 seconds after a clean restart of the server. Looking back, I see this is a constant issue a few times a day. Any suggestions on what I can look for.
  9. Update I upgraded DrivePool to the Beta, but it has made no difference. The Pool Organization bar still does not fill to the right, and the message about File distribution not optimal still displays. If this does not affect security and access to the files in the pool, I will not worry.
  10. OK. I think I submitted a ticket. I entered all the details, then got taken to a Validate page. Clicked on Validate, but nothing seems to happen. Ran the troubleshooter and the info is being uploaded.
  11. Update I removed the Pool Duplication, then turned it back on and still have the same issue. File Distribution is still not optimal. How would this affect the files in the pool?
  12. Is there any progress on this issue? I am new to DrivePool. Just set up a new home server with Server 2016 with Essentials Role. All seemed to be balancing fine until I had a HD fail. I removed the dead drive from the pool and ran like that for about a week until I got a replacement drive. After installing the new drive and adding it to the pool, I get the issue with the file distribution not optimal. Rebalancing makes no difference. My file protections is set to Pool file duplication, no folder duplication. All balancing options are set to default settings.
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