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  1. Would like to know this as well. With the constant Amazon turtles I have no idea how long it will be before my "To Upload" will be at 0 allowing me to detach the drive.
  2. I'd like to know why simply restarting one's computer results in an unsafe shutdown? Why should we have to do the "shutdown dance" of turning off uploads?
  3. Opened the ticket, I hope I was able to get what you needed. Tough to get things going around a reboot. Also, in the contact form when you multi-select files to attach, it attaches all the files but only lists the first one in the UI.. Explains why I have two copies of one file attached to that ticket. Thanks for your help.
  4. To clarify, you are asking "Should I add the 2nd drive to my current machine and create a pool, then move the pool and cloud drive over to my new machine? Or should I move the cloud drive to my new machine, and wait until that is done to add the drive and create the pool on the new machine?"
  5. I have a Google Drive drive I created on .777. I copied a 26gb, 30mbps movie over to it to test the ability to stream it and find the best prefetching settings. Everything worked great throughout all my testing. Then I moved roughly 10gb of mp3s over. That process has never completed. It got stuck at about 8gb to upload and was showing 0 threads/bps with some user rate limit exceeded errors in the logs. I re-authorized and re-booted and it made it about another 2gb. Rebooted last night before going to bed. It didn't make any headway. It's stuck at 6.61gb to upload, 0 threads/bps. 2 use
  6. Just following-up. I upgraded to .777 and everything has been working extremely well. In fact, ACD seems to be performing better than it had been with .631.
  7. I'm running version 631 with Amazon Drive. Everything has been working fine expect for one minor thing that I will start another thread about. I have several terabytes in the cloud and I've been reluctant to upgrade to any newer version because 631 was recommended in a recent post for use with Amazon Drive. I was about to also create another drive using Google Drive but I've seen all the threads about the problems with "rate limit exceeded" and recommendations to use version 770 or later. My question is what version should I be using if I want to continue to use both cloud provide
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