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  1. Yeah, Windows 10. Running as a dedicated plex server. The drive was in active use when it corrupted. Very odd. One second it's fine, the next I'm getting error messages saying that the drive is not accessible.
  2. Want to chime in here and say that this just happened to my ReFS drive as well. It's showing up RAW and Windows will not access it. Edit: Mine happened today. So not the same day. Will open a ticket with logs. Edit 2: I actually just destroyed the drive. I didn't have anything irreplaceable on it. So no ticket.
  3. Ah, sorry. I didn't realize that could be changed.
  4. EDIT: This was wrong. And old.
  5. I am seeing this issue. It's sitting at around 9.5GB of memory usage at the moment, and growing. I am using .744, and I have rebooted. This is with a single drive on Google Drive. The drive is being actively used, and I have a little less than 1.5GB of data to upload. No AV, backup, or disk tools. Seems like a memory leak.
  6. Update: Issue persists on 744 beta. Edit: Added a service folder zip to the dropbox.
  7. I've spent the last several weeks uploading a lot of data. I'm now at the very end of that upload, but CloudDrive seems to be stuck in some sort of loop. It got down to around 430MB of data left to upload, then it started trying to upload 30 chunks or so at a time, but it never actually completes the chunks. Now it says that it has over 1.1GB to upload. All of the chunks that it is trying to upload have been uploaded before. Here is a section of the log: 2:11:30.2: Warning: 0 : [IoManager:67] [W] Error writing range: Offset=807,822,426,112. Length=524,288. Thread was being aborted.. 2:11:30.
  8. Google Drive has never had a personal unlimited plan. All of the unlimited plans remain the same. The $10 plan that people refer to is the business plan, which can still be purchased by anyone.
  9. 1) Google Drive is still the recommended provider. There are some issues with rate limiting at the moment, but they do not affect stability and they are working on getting them fixed. 2) It is true. There are several users here on the forums who pay 10 a month for a single user, have for years, and are not limited. Of course, Google could choose to enforce that policy at any time, so use this at your own risk. 4) You can use FTP providers now, which would enable most users to quickly set up a cloud drive on MOST web space. The poster above is incorrect. Google Drive remains unlimit
  10. I understand. I'm not sure if there is a way to force it to back up a full copy of EVERYTHING to the cloud drive. That's probably a feature request, I think. Will have to wait for a response from Covecube
  11. You can use the "Drive Usage Limiter" balancer in DrivePool to specify that only duplicated files be stored on that drive. Then, you can just use the file placement balancer to choose what directories can be duplicated to the cloud. I'm not sure what you meant about only two local drives plus CloudDrive. I have 4 local drives, two SSDs, and multiple cloud drives in my setup and the duplication works fine. Can you elaborate on this?
  12. srcrist

    Rate Limit Exceeded

    Ok, I'll just keep an eye out. Not trying to rush anything, was just curious.
  13. srcrist

    Rate Limit Exceeded

    Do we have any update on getting that "server side" rate limit increase? The newer beta certainly helped, but now the turtles are disappointingly frequent. It's definitely still having an effect on overall throughput. I'm not even getting close to my "personal" API call limit. Just wondering if we should expect some relief any time soon.
  14. In short, no. Any number of factors can influence your speeds, but I get much better speeds from Google Drive.
  15. Great, I'll keep an eye on it! Thanks again for the work!
  16. Hey guys, So, first of all, let me say that I've been using the stablebit products for a month or so now, and I love them. You do phenomenal work, and I'm very impressed. Kudos. What I'm wondering is if there is a balancer or some method of sorting data by usage and drive throughput? To be clearer: I'm looking to have DrivePool move my most frequently used files to my faster, local drives, while moving my least used files (things like media, old documents, etc) to my Google Drive CloudDrive automatically. Thus far I've been using the file placement balancer to specify that certain
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