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  1. I had a file dump off the entire pool into a text file prior to all of this happening. After getting mysql loaded up and cleaning off the pool parts with sed I was able to compare what was on the pool prior and find what I need to restore from the drive. Additionally for some reason I have a bunch of Other and Unduplicated data, so I loaded every single file into a new table and had it do a count to find files that are not duplicated even though everything should be. Nothing I do seems to be able to make Drivepool truly duplicate everything. The list of not duplicated files isn't all th
  2. Version Beta. I didn't do a force removal. When I removed the disk it was over half full the pool parts that remain are only 250GB. The log also had this in it. DrivePool.Service.exe Warning 0 [RemoveDriveFromPool] Error on final delete after drive removal for \\?\Volume{9e4a230a-213d-4625-a7a7-ccaff4cef6c6}\PoolPart.80315d55-1ce0-4461-850a-cf06b18fe324\. Unable to delete all files after removing pool part I started recovering the files off of the disk with the structure onto a new disk, drivepool picked it up as a new pool. So I stopped after about 500GB of data was r
  3. While I am not sure why, I got hit with duplication inconsistent. It showed a unduplicated (dark blue) over all of the drives, small amounts on each. I had a 4 TB drive and I removed it and told it to duplicate later due to not wanting to wait and I needed the drive. This may have been a bad idea, either way I would have thought it would at least move/duplicate the unduplicated items. It appears it just removed the disk, didn't move off anything and then in the logs it looks like it just deleted everything off the disk. It left about 200 GB of stuff behind on the disk, in the logs it s
  4. It is a core I-5, 16 GB of ram, 25+ drives or so between internal and enclosures connected via e-sata. Nothing else on the computer is slow, not Drivepool. Simply just the Scanner. If i go into the scanner and click on the scroll bar to go down to another set of drives, that click alone takes 5 or 6 seconds. I know at some point it showed a map of all of the blocks on each drive if you tried to expand but right now it isn't even showing that. I have tried using the current main release as well as the beta but the beta is the one that kicked all of the drives out of the pool. So I remov
  5. 1) Product loses the display if connecting from RDP and it was already open. Takes 5-10 minutes to reopen 2) Product is extremely slow, can't really use it. Doing any clicking around takes forever or scrolling. I am not sure what makes it so slow but even just trying to expand a drive is hard. 3) Product reported drives as damaged but they do not appear to be, caused 9tb to evac out of drive pool. I had to turn off the balancer and then tell drive pool to rebalance which took quite a long time. a) Drivepool, it also seems to have quite a few issues. after multiple rebalances
  6. I had a few questions about the Stablebit Cloud Drive. 1) Which cloud options are stable and usable at this time? I have seen a few suggestions for Google but then quite a few threads making it seem unstable. 2) I saw some people mention you can get the Google Drive unlimited for 10 dollars a month. Does anyone know if this is actually true even though the site states otherwise? 3) Any plans to possible to allow point to point via cloud drive? Possibly handling the replication between 2 sites. 4) If number 3 is no, what about support on Own Cloud? This would be pretty n
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