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  1. Thanks. Sorry didnt seen your reply in my email box yday. Just found it now. I see what you mean. By the way I wasnt referring to corrupt sectors on the drives in drivepool itself. Drivepool is in my server which backs the client PCs and one of these PCs presumably had corruptions develop from bad sectors. The bad file was probably being copied into the server drives. I didnt know there were corrupt files till I tired restoring the drive and windows stated they couldnt be copied to the new drive because of corruption. I am glad I had multiple versions of backups and the older ones were fi
  2. Thanks @Spider99. I am glad you are still here on this board. Hope you are well. Its been a while since I posted. Ok, will plan on option 1. Now just to get some Red plus 8TB drives. If I remember correctly, you used to run a WS 2012r2 with DP and scanner. I probably should post this question in the scanner section, but since you probably have a similar setup, meant to ask you. Does scanner not pick up corrupt sectors, files from a failing drive copy? This weekend coincidentally one of my home PCs had a data drive start clicking. Before i got to clone and replace it, it was all gone
  3. Hi and hope everyone had a good weekend (and thanksgiving in the US). I have had stablebit drivepool and scanner for the past 3 plus years. It has worked great. I have a mirrored setup of two 4TB drives in my pool. This is housed in a windows server (essentials 2016) that backs my home client PCs nightly and also has server folders for the family. The server is also backed up into an external 8TB drive every day. I am planning on replacing the internal 2 4TB with 2 8TB drives as I am almost out of space. I do not however have an available spot inside the computer to add one or two more dr
  4. Hi, Love drivepool and using it for 18 plus months. Other than the periodic server missing folders message in windows essentials dashboard that goes away when i reboot the server, its been great. I have been running for some time with two 4tb drives with duplication for entire pool including client backups. OS is on a separate SSD. I want to add an 8tb drive to the server (have physical space for it). Can i add the drive to the above pool but deactivate duplication selectively for this drive (as it impossible to duplicate nearly 7plus TB of files when i just have 1.5TB free available
  5. @drashna Thanks. Yes had to uninstall previous beta version and reinstall the version you sent. Now all sectors are green !! So it was just a bug with previous beta version Curiously this version is an exe file so runs a separate program rather than within the essentials dashboard (i am running windows server 16 essential). Not really an issue as I can constantly run both the dashboard with the drivepool and this file separately. BTW Does the exe file run as a service when the computer boots up or do I have to start it?
  6. Hi @drashna Thanks. When i tried installing it, message that "The specified account already exists" comes. I went to task manager and stopped scanner and still same result. Must i uninstall the previous beta version first? Does that cause it lose the info on the other drives? thanks
  7. I bought an 8TB WD easystore external HD which has (and yes pretty much everyone knows this) a red drive EFAX (WDC WD80EFAX-68LHPN0). I ran the short and extended tests on HD sentinel and everything was fine. Now when i left it attached to my server which has stablebit scanner, i received an email stating" One or more disks are damaged and have data on them that is unreadable: WD easystore 25FB USB Device - 344 KB unreadable (688 sectors) - The rest of the disk is still being scanned Model: WDC WD80EFAX-68LHPN0" When i look at the sectors it is the very first block part of it is whic
  8. Thank you!! I was away and for some reason did not realize you had responded. Thank you for explaining the basis for the issue. So to summarize, I can run dedupe on the disks managed by drivepool provided i use the beta version of the software. Interestingly I am on version beta as you suggested and the 'bypass file system filters' option is already checked. Should I uncheck it before i try running dedupe even though this is the beta version? Lastly, just to be sure i understood you correctly, since i currently only have two drives in the pool (which are copies of each other)
  9. Thank you. So if i run dedup on one of the disks, drivepool should duplicate those reduced parts into the mirrored disk? Since currently i only have two drives (duplicated by drivepool) i guess i just need to run dedup on one of them, not both correct? Will do. Should i use a beta version to get best results? Thank you.
  10. Hi, I was planning on trying dedupe (server 16 standard essentials experience). ddpeval showed 27% saving as of now. Should i run dedup on the underlying drives or the drivepool virtual drive? Any recommendations? Also for that matter, is it recommended to point the server shared folders (setup via the server essentials dashboard ) to the drivepool drive or again should I instead point it to one of the underlying physical drives. I currently have it pointing to the drivepool pool drive and its working fine expect for the one time when I got a message that the user defined folders were mis
  11. asdaHP


    I have been using windows server essentials client backups (server 12r2 and now 16) of my client pcs without a hitch. None of my clients have DP, rather i have DP on my server that houses these client backups. In fact the primary reason i stuck with microsoft after WHS v1 was for the bare metal client backups. On my server, i have tried using the built in server backup, veeam and crashplan. Basically since the DP pool drive does not do the VSS stuff, you have to run it on the native drives, which means if you are duplicating info, the server backup also gets twice the size!! Veeam despite
  12. Another option: On the server, i right click on any drive and i have a choice called "Configure shadow copies..." . From there i can change the shadow size. On a different matter, I installed server 2016 and reinstalled drivepool and moved my drives (not physically as this is the same server box as where 2012 r2 essentials was) to the new server. I was able to redirect the essentials dashboard server folders to the drivepool drive. Setup backups and three computers are backing up fine. However after I added a standard user account to access the server, though it created a user folder with
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