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  1. So how do you update your library? Just manually have it update when you add content?
  2. Now I understand, I'll disable prefetch when I do my initial index. If I turn it back on after the initial library load, will it work okay to be auto scan for new titles?
  3. Unfortunately I don't think I can do that because I can't reproduce the error. I've since upgraded to .682 and don't have the issue anymore.
  4. Thanks - I'll try those modifications and see if there is any improvement. Side question - currently I'm using a dedicated 240gb SSD as my cache drive, thinking that an SSD will perform better for my use case. Would I be better off having a larger non-ssd drive, like say a 4tb spinning drive, or is the smaller SSD route sufficient?
  5. Seems like this topic is discussed a lot, so I'd like to see if we can agree on some recommended settings for Plex and post them here. So the question is... assuming a 1000/1000 gigabit connection, what CloudDrive settings are ideal to achieve reliable library scanning, as well as the ability to stream/transcode multiple (5-10) simultaneous streams. I'll start with the settings I'm currently using, but please chime in as necessary and I can update the thread as we go. Thanks for your input! Create Drive Settings: I/O Performance Settings
  6. Thanks. I installed .682 and the issue went away, however my "to upload" went from 102gb to 0gb in about 10 seconds, so I'm not confident that something didn't get screwed up. At this point, I think it's safest to destroy and rebuild, which I'm not too thrilled about since I've uploaded 1.7tb already.
  7. I see that now... But how am I to know which version I should be using?
  8. I have two questions regarding this problem which I'm also facing in v beta. 1. How do I identify which chucks I need to delete to resume uploading? 2. I just downloaded v beta, which is what I'm currently using. Why is it that version referenced here was available back in February, but the currently available version is If I install 467 on top of my current install will it fix the problem? This is a deal breaker for me if this problem can't be fixed.
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