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  1. I'm a big fan of the LSI 9201-16i Somewhat pricey but it does everything I could ask for. Was easy to do passthrough with it on ESXi. The card is much like the ones Christopher pointed out as it is HBA. Works perfectly out of the box. StableBit Scanner is able to pull HDD SMART data. I feel it is much more cost effective if you actually need 16 ports. Only con I have for the card is that it can get pretty hot if you don't have some kind of decent cooling inside your enclosure. It sits right under my graphics card so I cut a hole in top of the case and added a 120mm exhaust fan taking care
  2. Perhaps your controller is the issue? What happens if you copy from D:\ directly to one of the hard drives instead of via the pool?
  3. Nevermind. Found the support ticket system and they helped me out.
  4. I installed Stablebit on a Windows Server 2012 VM. After the install I plugged in my activation code then it went to a screen that has "You license needs to be transferred to this computer. Then a button that says "start trasnfer". I hit the button and it brings up another windows with a Activation ID. but the ID isn't mine. I hit transfer license. It takes it, but then I start back over from square one iwth the screen saying my license needs to be transferred. Also i tried uninstaling and reinstalling. It still does this.
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