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  1. I installed today the latest version ( of drivepool, which has a Dutch translation. Nice work! A few of the translations are a bit funny, for a native dutch speaker. The translation of pool to 'Zwembad' is odd. A 'Zwembad' is a 'swimming pool' A huge bathtub where people usually swim in. I would call it a 'pool', just as in the English version. 'Kracht bijwerken sortie nu..' I had to switch to English to discover what it meant, because in dutch it is complete gibberish, no offence . Its a literal translation of the words 'Force update check now..' A better translat
  2. Update: Could not Wait any longer for a resolution. Saw that Covecube disk Enumerator had an error in device manager, played a bit around with it, but no luck. Solution: i reinstalled Windows. Created the drivepool, took the service offline, copied my data back in the poolpart folders. Drivepool is now verifying my data. I left SSD caching off. Thanks for the help.
  3. Nope, stil not working. What i have done sofar: Tried the procedure: Step 1, no problem. Step 2-3, Delete the folder. Easy. NOT, folder is protected for deletion. Finally got them away with Unlocker. Step 3, Pool was already disappeared, and i still can't create a new pool. Step 4, No pool to move the drives to. Stopped the procedure. Then i deleted the \programdata\drivepool contents. No effect. I uninstalled the programm with Revo Uninstaller, did a thorough scan and deleted all the found stuff.(Didnt find much, nice programming.) Rebooted my system and reinstalled the
  4. Send in the error report. (stablebit@fo*******k.nl ) Installed the Beta, no change. Thanks for the help:)
  5. Ive got a weird problem: System: i5-6500, 16 GB, 16 HDD, 4 SSD, Pool config: All harddisks, 2x SSD's configured for caching. (approx 30 TB capacity) This morning i had to remove one of the Caching SSD's. I removed it from the drivepool and when it was removed i shut down the system and detached the SSD from the system. . When i booted my system, my drivepool was gone. I followed the steps and the alternative steps in: http://wiki.covecube.com/StableBit_DrivePool_Q2299585B But still No drivepool. At the moment, i can see all my drives, thats it. See below. -
  6. I don't mind the drive. It was almost 5 years old. It served me well, it was time to replace it. I've replaced it with a 2 TB drive left over from another system. Added another SSD, PNY - CS1311 - 240 GB, And added it along with the 250 GB 840 Samsung Evo drive already in the system, to be used as an SSD cache drive. A lot of my stuff is duplicated, so i needed 2 SSD drives. Tnx for the help
  7. While installing the scanner, i get the question "What type of device is this". What are the differences between these settings? Is the only difference the time the scanner runs, or are there more differences? Simple spec's i5-6500, 16 GB ram, 14 HDD's (and 2 SSD's, not in pool) drives, total DrivePool size: 23 TB, 5 TB free. While i've got a desktop machine, for some tasks it functions like a server. - The PC runs 24/7/365. - Functions als mij local fileserver. - Hyper-V with 1 virtual machine, a mail server. Also always on, data stored on one if the SSD's. - Bac
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