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    TomTiddler got a reaction from Dave Hobson in Is DrivePool abandoned software?   
    Just my 10 cents here ... as someone that used to design and implement custom file systems, I'm well aware of a) How much work is involved, and what a truly splendid job you guys (guy?) have done with DrivePool. I have two fairly large pools running (8 drives 30TB in one, 4 drives 16TB in the other), and have to say zero loss of data ever, and remarkably few problems.
    Given how cheap the product is, I would have absolutely NO problem with paying an annual support fee. I suspect that you might see a similar response from the many, many customers who have NOT contributed to this thread. Keep up the good work guys, and don't be put off by the haters/whiners.
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    TomTiddler got a reaction from Christopher (Drashna) in Beta 844-The background service failed to start   
    Thanx Wonko, did the reset, everything's working. Love this product!
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