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    DotJun got a reaction from Jaga in File Duplication Consistency   
    Ok I've changed my settings to match what you suggest. Thank you for your help.
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    DotJun got a reaction from HomeServerAdmin in New Update Problem   
    So I installed the new update for scanner and now the fields for bay location and custom name have disappeared from the disk settings menu.
    Please tell me I won't have to pull every drive out to find out where each disk is located.
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    DotJun got a reaction from Mick Mickle in New Update Problem   
    I wish the install stated that it would erase your settings so I could have opted out of the update or at least copied my settings down first.
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    DotJun got a reaction from Jaga in help with standby   
    That did the trick! Thanks much for this! My array now spins down like it's supposed to do. Was this a new default setting as of the last update?
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