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  1. Hi Christopher, i was off a while (for holidays). The warning is now gone. Unfortunatelly i did not put an eye on the server message window before upgrading to v2.5.4.3216 The update notification message just popped up an pressed the button to install. So i can not say for sure, whether the message disappears itself or by updating the scanner. Sorry for that. Is it still neccessary to open a ticket? ... actually not (from my side).
  2. Hi No, the scanner itself is fine (standalone or in the dashboard tab doesn't matter). Only the error within the dahboard/launchpad notification window is still present (as shown in the screenshots above). No, there is no option to delete, only "ignore warning" like in the launchpads notification window. My concern is that, all other "sector unreadable on disk" errors in the future will not pop-up, because i have ignored this warning. That is my initial fear/question. No, but this is my first "sector unreadable on disk" error ever. Thanx for y
  3. What do you mean by "remove"? The only possible actions within the launchpad notification window are: - "Warnung ignorieren" (ignore warning), - "Dashboard öffnen" (open dashboard). Are you sure, that newer "Sector unreadable on disk" messages (from other disks) will pop-up as an error again in the future, when i press "ignore warning" now? As you see in my screenshots. The first entry from the list ("Die Option "Ergänzende Informationen aus de...") was a message which i "ignored" by selecting it via the given options mentioned some lines above. This message is still present
  4. +1 (people) from my site. I was wondering too, but due to a SSD drive swapping the housing of my homeserver was already open. Looking forward to see this (deleting) feature not a second time.
  5. Hi Guys, this week i got my first damage error via launchpad notification from my system SSD (Kingston 60GB). There were not much free space on it since months, so i was planning to swap it with a bigger one (WD 240GB) in any case. After file scan there was only one file damaged, which was not important, so i deleted it, run chkdsk /f on it and clone the whole partitions to a newer bigger SSD. Actually everything is working fine but the damage message is still present in launchpad's notification window and the old kingston drive is unplugged lying in the cubboard. I know from o
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