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    Memory Leak?

    I noticed that also but with scanner only. Clicking on the scanner tab makes the dashboard flicker and a "not responding" message at the top bar of the dashboard for few seconds. I wonder if it has something to do with the dashboard being sluggish to open up.
  2. Yes, as you said you may be all wrong but you were right! Your tip solved the issue I had with drivepool. I stopped the service which took few minutes, then deleted what was in the folder C:\ProgramData\StableBit Drivepool\, restarted the server and all was fine with the drive letters. Thanks for your help, Claude
  3. Hi, as a little bit of background, I was using drivepool v.1 on WHS 2011. It was running fine. I then decided to upgrade to v. to test it out. Also, everything was good. I then decided to give a try to Server R2 Essentials. I installed drivepool and then transfered 3 hard drives to the new server (D, E, F) from the old server. Opening the dashboard under the drivepool tab, I can see 3 drives labeled E, E, F under pooled drives. Under non-pooled drives is C, D. Trying to add the D drive return an error saying it can't add a drive already added to the pool, which is obvious. My question is why do I have 2 "E" drives instead of having D, E, F drives as pooled and C drive under non-pooled. Looking at disk management all drives are listed as C, D, E, F. Even in the dashboard tab related to folder and drives, they show up as C, D, E, F. All files seems to be there but how do I fix this? The drivepool letter is "S", so there is no interference with the drive letters. Thanks Edit: I just install Stablebit Scanner and it reports 4 drives C, D, E, F.
  4. Ok, Will try that. I messed up the backup database, fixed it and need to re-enable the shares again. Claude Edit: Tried that, but the option to stop sharing folder is only available for shared folder created by the Administrator. The ones created by the system have no option for stopping sharing in the dashboard. So, fixing one issue with the tool, brings you another one, and you are on your own to find a way to fix it. But we, the users, are here to find these kinds of bugs or irritants and provide feedbacks to the company so they can fix it and provide even better software. How I see that is when you run the utility, you get a box with all the shares to be re-mapped with a checkmark beside each ones and you can uncheck the ones you don't want to be re-mapped. Just an idea...
  5. Hi, I just reinstall WHS 2011 on my single drive in the server, installed drivepool and scanner. Then I reinserted my data disks (7) in the server. I then downloaded the wsstroubleshoot tool as recommended. Ran it, and all went fine retrieving all of my shared folders. Back to one of my client computer's lauchpad, I have found in the shared folders, a new folder which was not there before. The client backup folder was there. I have to say that folder was in the pool, with duplication enabled as there is no specific recommendation to leave it inside or outside the pool. So, in order to retreive the shares from the pool, is there a way to not retreive that specific folder, since there is no need to have it in the shares, making it available to all users? Thanks, Claude
  6. Hi Drashna, just a follow-up on the issue, I reset the Drivepool settings as you suggested. When done, it returned to trial for 30 days. Again, I had to remove a drive and replace it with a bigger one. It removed the drive without any problem. So, I guess all is fine now. May be Alex will find what was wrong and be able to do something since I don't seems to be the only one having this issue. Thanks again, Claude
  7. Hi, I have updated the drivers and bios. It made a significant change. When I run the burst test, I have 50 to 75 MB/s and peaks to 109 MB/s like Alex shows in its test. So I guess everything is under control. I may also see differences when streaming from the server. In the past, I've had some stuttering when streaming recorded tv or videos. Thanks again for your precious help, Claude
  8. Hi again Drashna, I was wrong... I have an older bios 7.4.05 and driver, so my guess is I need to update the bios and drivers. I picked the sataraid5 package as per your suggestion. Will do the update and let you know how it went. Thanks for your help, Claude
  9. Hi Drashna, after looking for errors, effectively I can see them for each time I tried to remove the damaged drive. I also see the 2 errors when tried to remove the drive few days ago. I zipped the log and will send now. Let me know if you find anything interesting. Thanks, Claude Edit: just sent the error reports
  10. Hi, will check if any errors. It might take few days since I'm at work for the next couple days. I will also try resetting the settings but will wait for your advice on what's in the error logs. I don't want to do anything that is not really needed. Thanks, Claude
  11. Hi, thanks for your answer. I know I have the most recent bios 7.7.03, but I think it's not the raid one. I will give it a try and see if any improvements. If not then I may look into your suggestion and buy a new SIIG card. I will post back the results with the SATARAID5 drivers. Thanks, Claude
  12. Hi all, having time to do some reading, I noticed Alex did some interesting compatibility testing with add-in cards. The one I am interested in is the sil3132. I got this card with a Roswill RSV-S4-X box. I installed the card in my Acer H-341 and connected the RSV-S4-X via e-sata. Looking to the burst test from Alex up to 109 MB/s, I can say I'm very far from that. After doing a burst test with Scanner, I'm at 10 to 15 MB/s at the most. Should I worry about that poor performance? Is there anything I can do to correct the situation? If I remember correctly, I have the latest bios but not sure if I installed the right drivers. Should I go with the sataraid driver or just the regular ones. It gets somehow confusing on using the right drivers. I would greatly appreciate if someone can point me in the right direction. On the other hand, I performed the burst test on my H-341 and the results were between 50 to 80MB/s, which seems to be the average. Thanks, Claude
  13. Hi, a month ago I needed to replace a damaged drive according to Scanner. I used the add/remove option in drivepool. It ended up with access denied. Tried many times with same result. So, drastically I just physically removed the drive from the server. I tought this happened because of the damaged drive. Yesterday, I wanted to replace one of my older drives with a new WD20efrx. Went again with the add/remove process and still got an access denied. This drive was healty according to Scanner. So, I believe I shouldn't have any problem removing a drive. Anyone have an idea of what Is going on? Thanks, Claude
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