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Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials issue



Hi, as a little bit of background, I was using drivepool v.1 on WHS 2011. It was running fine. I then decided to upgrade to v. to test it out. Also, everything was good. I then decided to give a try to Server R2 Essentials. I installed drivepool and then transfered 3 hard drives to the new server (D, E, F) from the old server. Opening the dashboard under the drivepool tab, I can see 3 drives labeled E, E, F under pooled drives. Under non-pooled drives is C, D. Trying to add the D drive return an error saying it can't add a drive already added to the pool, which is obvious. My question is why do I have 2 "E" drives instead of having D, E, F drives as pooled and C drive under non-pooled. Looking at disk management all drives are listed as C, D, E, F. Even in the dashboard tab related to folder and drives, they show up as C, D, E, F. All files seems to be there but how do I fix this? The drivepool letter is "S", so there is no interference with the drive letters. 




Edit: I just install Stablebit Scanner and it reports 4 drives C, D, E, F.

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Yes, as you said you may be all wrong but you were right! Your tip solved the issue I had with drivepool. I stopped the service which took few minutes, then deleted what was in the folder C:\ProgramData\StableBit Drivepool\, restarted the server and all was fine with the drive letters.


Thanks for your help,



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