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  1. Doh! I figured it out. I didn't realize that there was no active "Equalizer" balancer installed by default. Therefore, I disabled all other balancers, installed the 'Disk Space Equalizer' and now it is balancing as it should (I think!). I will update you once the move is complete.
  2. Anybody have any ideas on this? I've been stuck in the mud the last few days :/
  3. I added a few new files today, which went on the other drives. However, the 1.5TB of data that was already in the pool is still only on the first of the three drives... I also still cannot manually balance based on the new settings. I don't have the ^ option under Pool Organization still.
  4. I was trying out the Ordered File Placement plugin for a bit and everything was working. All the files were moved to the first drive in the pool. However, after some more consideration, I'm moving against that approach and wanted to disable this plugin and re-balance the pool so everything is spread out evenly. I have tried everything I can think of however the pool will not balance. At this moment, I have everything set back to Default with the OFP uninstalled. I have roughly 1.4TB on the first out of three 2TB drives. I click 'Re-Measure' and it does, but I never get the '^' by the Pool Organization bar to balance. I have unchecked 'Only allow balancing once every 12 hours' and I have also set the triggers to 100% as I re-searched this issue prior to posting. None of this worked. Finally, I tried restarting the services...nothing. Any idea on how I can jumpstart this so it will begin to balance evenly across all three drives? Thank you!
  5. Hi all, I've been running DrivePool on my WHS2011 for years now. It's been fantastic! I've decided to upgrade the server. I bought new hardware and installed Windows Server 2012 R2 with all of the updates already applied. I configured Drive Pool 2.x and that seemed fine. I then created a share using the old-school method of opening the pool in explorer, creating a folder then sharing it via properties. However, I read I can also create a share using the server manager. However, everytime I try to create a share this way, I receive the following message: "The folder can't be created on the computer. Folder: G:\Shares\test Computer: <servername> The network name cannot be found." However, If I run the same wizard on one of the physical drives, it works perfectly fine. Anytime I run the wizard against the pool, it fails. Any idea why? [EDIT] It's also worth noting that my pool is 5.5TB. However, in Disk Management, it's only showing up as 2047.97GB on the graphical view. At the top, on the list view, it shows 5.5TB The Drives are initialized GPT and formatted NTFS. [EDIT2] I believe I sorted this out. I needed the file and Sharing Resource Tools installed. Now it appears to be working. Thanks!
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