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  1. Anyone who expects to use a product that has a feature that you have to exclusively enable because its known to be unstable and not reliable is a bit delusional. I find it absurd that people actually used it for anything other than testing, or throwing data into it that you don't care if you lose. Just my two cents.
  2. Well you WERE using a beta product. At this point I don't expect ACD support to ever be anything more than a somewhat functioning prototype. Plex just recently dropped support for ACD for their cloud offering and added all the other big providers that are more reliable.
  3. Wouldn't make more sense to try and do whatever you can with ACD, if they are taking forever to respond/work with you guys to fix issues? In theory it would save time down the road. Also, there are no other services that I have interest in pursuing other than ACD, for the sake that its unlimited and the price point that it is at. There are no other services or 'mounting' software that allows the same functionality that you are able to provide in your product. I cant stress enough about the high number of people that using ACD for streaming content from the cloud, and that number would be
  4. I've read that you don't need the other four users to qualify. It says its a req, but when actually using the service you have unlimited regardless.
  5. Do you think that Google Drive can support everything, if not work much better than the current state of AWS? Particularly for media streaming?
  6. What do you mean by this? I am. So the md5 hash functionality that they provide from the file that you upload vs hashing it locally is not enough to verify the data in the chunk? I just don't see the point of having the in-file checksum, if you are able to use amazon's, at least for uploaded file verification. I've read about your woes, hence me asking Currently its set to: SAN Policy : Offline Shared One of the issues that I seem to be running into, is that CloudDrive attempts to upload data to ACD, however, it never seems to progress. I have it set for 100tb disk, 2
  7. 1. How does CloudDrive handle hardlinks or symlinks? Does it truly act as one file, or does it just make a copy and act as two? 2. I was playing with different chunk sizes, and it seems like the larger chunk sizes takes significantly longer to upload the same total amount of data. What is going on here? 3. Does CloudDrive hash the local chunk, upload it, then check that hash against the hash that the ACD API provides? It seems like when I am actually watching the bandwith usage, it will upload, then download a similar amount of data. I'm wondering why it downloads this data if ACD prov
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