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  1. Just sharing the mini-nightmare I experienced this week, in case y'all have any recommendations: I have an IcyDock external 4 drive JBOD array, running SATA disks over its single USB interface because it is connected to an Intel NUC with no eSATA ports (there's one SATA connected to an external BluRay drive). I have a UPS and the array has been running for months with no problems. Early yesterday I had some USB device errors (keyboard or something) and accidentally pull the array's USB cable. Plugged it back in and everything seemed fine ... but not for long. After a reboot, all 4 dr
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    Understood. I'm a product manager for a software product, so I know that there are a lot of factors determine if and when features get added.
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    Super, super, super, appreciate this! My requirements for a pool to remain online are not critical for most of my use cases at the moment, so I was still leaning towards DrivePool as my storage management software, but having this functionality supported clinches the deal. There are various scenarios this will be helpful in, even for "planned" disk removal. For example, I could have my Pool setup with 3x duplication so that I can pull a drive at any time to take offsite to secure storage. When convenient, I can then add a replacement disk, and/or permanently change the Pool to 2x dupli
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    I am familiar with AllwaySync, but it doesn't do background duplication (nor pooling). In the RAID systems that I am familiar with, when the system is in degraded mode (i.e, missing a disk for parity or mirror), writes continue to be permitted. If the offline disk is brought online, any files that were updated in the live pool are overwritten on the replaced disk. To avoid sync conflicts, you could either presume that a hot removed drive (or a drive removed during a power down) will not be attached to any other system in write-mode, or the sync could check that all files needing redupl
  5. Hi, Just installed the Beta (v2.2.651), but my "dpcmd" doesn't have the "check-pool-fileparts" option. Am I missing something? Thanks... Version Usage: dpcmd [command] [parameter1 [parameter2 ...]] Commands: get-duplication - Outputs duplication related information about the specified path. parameter1 - Path to a file or folder on the pool. set-duplication - Sets the duplication count for a folder. parameter1 - Path to a folder on the pool. parameter2 - The duplication count (>= 1). list-poolparts - Lists all of the pool parts that make
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    I was about to start a new Topic, but figured I'd find something close already posted. I don't have time to write many details at the moment but would like to understand this issue. And I have only observed this concerning behavior once, but have not attempted more tests yet. Briefly: Let's assume a simple 2-Drive SATA over USB 3.0 pool with 2-copy duplication -- therefore, each disk should contain a full copy of every file. I pull one disk out (attempting to do so using a USB eject first, but likely to say "in-use"). At that point, I was able to continue to read the pool driv
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