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  1. Suddenly I cannot write to my pool. I can write to individual drives, and can create folders, etc. but any copy says there is zero space, even though there is plenty. I have installed the latest Drivepool, restarted, and tried a number of usual tricks. Halp!
  2. Hi, I've got a drive in my pool that Scanner is reporting that the File system is not healthy, and repairs have been unsuccessful. So I added another drive the same size to the pool, and attempted to remove the damaged drive (thinking this would migrate the data, after which I can reformat the original drive and re-add to the pool). I'm getting "Error Removing Drive" though, and the detail info indicates "The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable". Yet I can reach into the PoolPart folder and can copy at least some* of the files (every test I've done copies fine). How do I migrate whatever I can recover manually? Or is there a step I'm missing to get DP to do this for me automatically?
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    Errors on one of the drives, that was it. It's one that's given me trouble in the past, so I've repaired it and am removing it from the pool now.
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    Hi, I've been beating my head on what appears to be an NTFS permissions issue. Suddenly last week my pool started showing Access Denied on any file or folder creation. I tried taking ownership and resetting permissions on the pool but kept getting Access Denied. After trying every solution out there I could think of (takeown, elevated and system cmd windows, icals, everything Access Denied), I checked on the forums here and see that several other people have had this issue, and that the Wss.Troubleshoot tool had the magic solution, so I eagerly tried it out (version .165). Unfortunately, the tool also reports Fix was not successfully applied. Access is Denied. Help would be appreciated!
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