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    Jonathan reacted to triadcool in +1 for GoogleDrive for Work support   
    Yes, after using Stablebit Cloudrive with Amazon Cloud Drive then amazon causing a bunch of issues because of "excessive" api usage I have now paid for a Google Apps for Work account for it's unlimited storage.  As soon as a beta is released that includes support for it I will be buying Stablebit Clouddrive.  Keep up the hard work.
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    Jonathan got a reaction from Christopher (Drashna) in Striped Drive For Cache   
    When I setup my drive, I wanted to use a Striped SSD Dynamic disk as the cache drive, however in the dropdown the stripe drive was not listed.
    Any idea why it's not there and how I can get it to be listed?
    Thanks.  Great product so far.  Looking forward to Google Drive!
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