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  1. @gesman @Christopher (Drashna) Do you still need help analyzing the issue? I just ran into the same issue. I am running: Windows 10 Professional 18362.720 Open SSH Server Feature ( Stablebit Drivepool I have the exact same issue that is occurring where I can create files on a DrivePool but they cannot be renamed. I've experienced the issue with an Android client (FolderSync) and with WinSCP.
  2. Can you verify that I setup DrivePool and CloudDrive correctly to backup files from my pool to the cloud drive? The steps I followed are: Disable automatic file re-balancing plugin in Stablebit DrivePool Create new Amazon Cloud Drive using Stablebit CloudDrive Add new Amazon Cloud Drive to the drive pool In the Stablebit DrivePool pool Pool Options > Balancing... settings dialog, go to the Balancers tab and set the Drive Usage Limit plugin to allow Duplicated files on only the Amazon CloudDrive and to allow Unduplicated on all of the local disks Enable file protection/duplication if its no
  3. When does it stop growing? I created a 3TB drive on Amazon Cloud Drive and added the CloudDrive cache to one of my drives in my Drive Pool because it had 1 TB of space. What I am seeing is that the CloudDrive part has just kept growing to the point of exhausting the free space on the hard drive. What I was expecting is that it would only consume the space in the cache.
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