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  1. Hi I ran into power issues once and it was related to the psu my server was set to do all its maintenance tasks in the early hours and was drawing too much power in doing so eventually the 5v went pop and I lost 2 drives and a few bad block issues on a few more of them since then I always go for a gold rated over the top psu. I also make sure the power supply has enough connectors without using splitters.

  2. Hi just updated scanner to 3100 beta and it has reset all settings and removed all the custom names and locations for the drives what a "pita" now I have a few hours renaming and sorting all the drives out.


    Any chance we can stop this in the future. I don't wanna do this every time I upgrade the software.



  3. Have you checked nothing is wrong with the drive first before ditching drive pool and if the same thing happens with storage spaces wouldn't you lose the data also. Drive pool doesn't just alter a drive to raw infact I don't think any software would without it being told to.

  4. Hi I feel I his pain on point 1 I have had this a couple of times where a file is bad but there is a duplicate hidden somewhere I have also asked to see if anything can be done on this it is really really frustrating to know there is a duplicate of a file but you have no access to it that's like having your hands tied behind your back.


    The only way I know and found that helps with the damaged file recovery is to remove the drive the file is on let drivepool reduplicate from the duplicates then format the removed drive and add it back to the pool this can up to 6hrs to complete and is messy to say the least.

  5. Hi


    I'd also pay for any of the upgrades we ask for Alex has a company to run and already gives us a lot for what we pay for so I for would be happy to Pay for the parity and filesafe programs, infact I would be happy to pay for new versions of drivepool and scanner just had to for the new version Ihomeserver.

  6. Hi Chris


    Do we have an eta on filesafe, I just picked up a couple of bad sectors on an old drive and scanner is unable to recover the 2 damaged files properly.


    I find this annoying when there should be a perfect duplicate of the file is there anyway to add an option to scanner to simply replace the damaged files with the duplicates. I keep anything important backed up but even so it's annoying and frustrating when there is another copy of the file stored on the system. The only other way to force this which I have done and works is to pull the damaged drive and let drivepool reduplicate from the duplicates then format the drive and add it back to the pool all rather messy but it works.

  7. Hi scanner does just that if the settings are

    Correct upon a falling drive it will start to evacuate data providing you have enough space on other drive, good practice would be to leave enough free space to cover the largest drive you have installed. I have mine set to only remove non duplicated data this to me is the quickest and best option then drivepool will start to reduplicate the files once you remove the failing drive.

  8. Hi I have 30 wd greens and all have been fine Reds were not available when I bought mine but many will surgest Reds are the way to go infact there are some new red pro's with 5year guarantee's I would say your fine and when if they do start to fail go for reds as there built for 24/7 use but if like me I have my server go to stanby when everybody is out greens should be fine.

  9. Hi


    I have a few disks that have reported errors over the years I generally take them out full format run vendors utility's on them stress test for a few days then I if they pass I add them back to the system, I think people panic to much when they get a warning in my experience if a drive is going to fail it generally just goes I have had this with spinners and ssd's I have 2 older wd greens with over 450k park cycles and never had a problem with them keep good backups like you should and I don't see a problem.


    The oldest drive I have is a spinner that is only 2gb I use it in a very old system it must be over 25years old granted it doesn't get everyday use but it's still running.

  10. You may need to set scanner to another setting off the top of my head it is unsafe direct or something I think it's under the advanced settings sorry for being vague i don't have access to the server right now to check

  11. Hi


    Currently there is no way to verify the duplicates other than what the software tells you however this has been a much asked feature request, I belive they call it filesafe.

    Alex the developer has been working on the next product some sort of cloud based software I haven't followed it much since I am not interested in it however like you I have been very worried about losing data and Iam eagarly waiting for filesafe and maybe parity there is a feature request section you may want to check it out and leave your own comments.


    I can confirm drivepool is supposed to place a duplicate file on a different drive again tho there is no way to verify this there is also no way to find out what is stored on which drive they have been some post with homemade scripts that will scan the drives and produce a list but again I am hopefull once the new software is done Alex can maybe and very hopefully Add some of the more requested features.

  12. Hi I just had a similar problem scanner was stuck reporting 1 bad sector even tho it had been fixed I ran scanner on another machine and the drive was fine so I uninstalled it on the server a complete removal reboot then reinstalled and this time when it scanned the drive it was fine not sure it will work for you but it did me

  13. hi all my systems use front loading caddys makes life so so much easier I think it was just 1 of those things that can never be explained as is such the life of computer users the old switch it off count 10 and it's fixed lol.

  14. Hi Chris it was in the same place I ended up uninstalling scanner as I installed scanner on another machine and didn't get the bad sector after I had reinstalled it on the server and ran scanner again it came back clean so all is good don't why it was happening but it's fixed now

  15. Hi


    I have a 500gb drive that I use for server backup which scanner detected had 1 bad sector today.


    It's way past rma not that I would for 1 sector so out it came I ran a full check disk repair all came back fine, full format fine and also ran the hardware vendors full diagnostic software on the drive which also wrote zeros to the whole disk all fine, full smart check all fine, so back in it goes so now I let scanner have a bash and re-scan the drive and bam scanner still shows the bad sector.


    I find it odd that after running the other software which give the drive a clean bill of health scanner is still detecting the bad sector.

    Now I know I can tell scanner the drive is good for now but when it rescans in 7 days it's just going to flag the drive again. So what is scanner detecting that no other software can inc the vendor's drive diag software.



  16. Is there a way to completely reset all settings, I just added a new hard drive to my pool and for some very odd reason it has put all the unduplicated data on the new drive I have reset and checked everything nothing is wrong visually with the settings but no matter what I do I cannot force it to spread the data the data was spread equally across all drives until I added the new drive the little markers also show 0 on all the drives except the new 1

  17. I use greens and touch wood the 10 oldest I have have just reached 3 years 271 days I will replace them with reds when the time comes only 2 have failed on me but they were rma replaced I often wonder if the case/airflow and such plays a part I think it was jaz on here that reported his drives ran happly at 39c in his nas boxes mine tend to hover around 26 to 30c.


    Also while it's nice to see 8tb drives it does worry me that's a lot of data and a hell of a lot of time to remove\replace if the drives fail a 2tb can take the best part of the day I dread to think how long one of those baby's take.

  18. Be careful when using splitters I've seen People daisy chain 12 drives of 1 rail and wonder why their drives kept dropping out personally i never use more than 4 drives on any single rail then if a psu problem does occur the loss will be minimal but that's my personal preference

  19. Hi me too but I have had to do that few times and touch wood the drives have been fine since. it would nice to maybe have an option to shuffle the data around it may help keep the drives more fresh and help identify problems much earlier. But I am glad it has helped

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