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  1. Looks like for very large data sizes Backblaze B2 are best option? Do you plan to add it support?
  2. Christopher (Drashna), can I ask non-usual (in this thread) question? But first of all sorry for not very good English, it's not my native language. 131TB of storage are very LOT of data (even if it not all 131TB full of data)), how you organize it logically? To prevent data loss and etc. For example, Microsoft storage spaces looks good for this ( efficient space use, different raid-like types of volumes, etc), but still have "one entry point" - in case of storage pool fail, all data, no matter simple, parity, or mirror volume will fail. And in my practice such pool fails was take place. DrivePool - good, but not in all cases (no support for VSS, other limitation). Also backup - how to backup such amount data? CrashPlan or BackBlaze can, but restore will be very slow, often need to restore ASAP. So, if it's not secret (or keep deeply secrets but tell basic info:)) question is - how you organize storage logically on storage server? What software use to backup, mirror-raid, etc.
  3. Just tested 579 build - much better! Look all 2 hours 720p rip with ~5 small video drops. 1080p rip can't play - video drops constantly. CloudDrive UI shows 12-17 mbps download speed. (about 15 mostly). Performance settings attached. But I still think what such feature (fully cache file by command) can be useful :-)
  4. Uncompressed blue-ray rips are awesome! May be my problems because I'm far away from Amazon data centers - I'm from Russia. What prefetching settings you recommend? BTW, I'm using 578 build but will try 579, thank you!
  5. I try with OneDrive - it also can't stream 720p (starts, 5-10 mins and stops), 1080p stops almost from start.
  6. Hi! First of all, sorry for poor English I want to ask a feature - ability to manually cache file (locally). Let me explain by usage example. I use CloudDrive to keep some rare used data in Amazon cloud, for example, video files. And when I try to play them (stream) from cloud - even at 720p they can't play, don't enough speed (but I have 50Mbps internet). So, it will be very useful if can select a file (or right-click in Explorer) and send a command "cache full file locally" - so it will be in cache and I can stream it without problems. We can setup time for such caching (for example N-hours, after this period file purged from cache) and other options (if local cache smaller than file - I can allow it to grow temporary).
  7. update: I was try to create 10TB drive and receive error message "you need another 4TB space", now I try to create just 4TB drive - and it create successfully. Keep testing And sorry for poor English
  8. What about Dropbox business support? Even in minimum 5 members - $75/month it can be cheap unlimited space cloud provider. I try Dropbox business 30 day trial and try to create StableBit drive on it - but receive error "not enough space" from CloudDrive. Looks like it try to create in personal area
  9. Christopher, Just curious - does CloudDrive use old or new ( https://blog.onedrive.com/the-new-onedrive-api/) OneDrive API?
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