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  1. It seems to hold its setting now, so i let it rest
  2. Ill see what happens. Uninstalled and removed what i could find of drivepool related files. Installed latest dev beta. Settings have stayed for a few days now Ill open ticket if it happens again.....
  3. If i change any balancing setting it gets reset to default after a short while. Have been like this along time for me, just didnt bother since i didnt really need a setting change then So where to begin in solving this? Been using latest gui updateable beta for years
  4. No i didnt open a ticket, just reset the settings....but came back after a few days... Chkdsk says no errors. Opened a ticket now I connected to the cloud again...heh
  5. Just noticed i have the same thing
  6. Yes maybe. I might try it still have the image. Heh if i can remember that then, i dont think i will You should have said it earlyer, hehe Ok thanks, ill will do.
  7. Yes i understood that drives could be lagging behind, or something. No, pooled shares are not shown in fsmgmt.msc after a boot. Sfc found corrupt files but was unable to fix some of them, and the log is greek to me, sorry And no. No antivirus Ill try something tomorrow to see if the pool itself lags behind.
  8. Its Whs 2011, and version Hehe, had a funny feeling you was to comment the sil's Yes some are, Have 4 on a sil3114, and 7 on sil3132 esata connected via 2 esata cabinets. 6 on the mainboard. Mainboard is a evga 680i with a intel core2 quad. 8gb ram, with the 2 silcards. Im sure the sils are to blame for much trouble, but its not the cause here, or atleast hasnt been until now. It has been working along time (i think it was installed 4 years ago), this happened just recently. Ive talked to you before (not long ago) regarding a lisencing matter and i told you then that ive been having alot of bsod's. You offered kindly to check my dumpfiles I didnt send them...tho And what happened in the end here, was a restore of a system image, that seemed to work ok, deleting of all the backups etc. (this was an accident, heh) So now im stuck with the current, or a reinstall. And i want to fix the current........ Bjoern
  9. Ok tried right now. Folders was reshared a few hours ago, restarting server service did NOT unshare the folders. Ill try a reboot too, again. No no antivirus, disktools i have Paragon hd manager installed. Edit: After a reboot they where gone again..
  10. Ok, will try it later. When im i supposed to restart the service, before or after i reshare the folders? Ill explain what i have done: This is on whs2011, using v2.1.1.561 I removed the driveletters of the disks to unclutter everything. Then mounted each of the disks to different folders in a folder. Everything seems ok after the mounting, if i did just remove the driveletters, stablebit reported the disks as missing. So now with just the mounting into folders, the pool is fine, but shared folders on the pool, loose their sharing after a reboot. Other shared folders on unpooled disks are not affected. Bjoern ill collect a log tomorrow....
  11. Hi Christopher. Any way i can keep my shared folders on the pool after mounting disks to folder? They vanish after a reboot, they are not shared anymore Bjoern
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