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  1. I have a rather large pool with 2X duplication on a large part of it and I have one drive in the pool that I want to be sure that one copy of the duplicated files from a particular folder is always stored on that physical drive. That is I have these drives in the pool: (paired down from reality for brevity) D: E: F: G: H: and the pool is mapped to X: Under X I have folders: F1 F2 F3 F4 F5 and 2X duplication is on for all those folders. I want to be sure that at least one copy of all the files and folders from F1 are stored on H: I do not care what the distribution of the
  2. You can share the CloudDrive and then access it from anywhere on the network. That seems to work for me. Of course that does not allow streaming outside of the Network but you can use Plex to accomplish that.
  3. Thank you, That seems to have fixed the problem. The reset did not cause any problems as I do not use any of the fancy options, I just let DrivePool handle most setting as the defaults are good enough for most everything I do.
  4. A few days ago I had a drive crash. It was a total failure and I was only able to remove the drive, which I did using the "remove" function. DrivePool crashed for some reason during the removal but when I rebooted the computer the remaining drives were still in the pool and working correctly and the pool was the correct size and there was, and is, no mention of the failed drive anywhere I can find in DrivePool. However every time I reboot the computer or simply stop and restart DrivePool an email is generated that says: ============= Seagate Expansion Desk USB Device (S/N: "sn repla
  5. After reading the reply and the links provided it seems that the CloudDrive is not what I want for my backup functionality within my DrivePool setup. However I like the way the CloudDrive application uses my Unlimited Amazon Cloud storage. I will run an Xcopy routine (that copies only new files) as part of my nightly maintenance routine. That will provide a good backup and the only thing I loose is the immediate availability that using DrivePool's duplication feature provides. I am pretty sure that I will buy CloudDrive after my free trial ends but it is unfortunate that it seems t
  6. I read the thread at: http://community.covecube.com/index.php?/topic/1231-how-do-i-keep-duplicated-data-on-the-pool-but-other-copies-anywhere-else/ That may have the answer that I want but I appear to be too dense to understand it. What I want is for several of my pooled directories to be duplicated on my cloud drive and not be duplicated anywhere else. I have a rule for \movies (does it need a drive letter?) that has only the cloud drive selected. Also I have, under Drive usage limiter, deselected "unduplicated" for the cloud drive but all the other drives have both boxes selected. Is th
  7. I have my new DrivePool setup to duplicate most of the data I have that I consider important and the duplication process seems to be progressing fine. The process is going pretty slowly but there is over 14 TB of data involved so taking a while is to be expected. What I want to know is if there is any way to find where, in the pool, duplicates are stored for each file and/or which files have actually been duplicated? I know I should trust the software but I am of the school that says "trust" but "verify" so I would just like to know when/if certain files have been duplicated in the
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