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  1. Thanks for the very quick response. Yes I'm running multiple pools. 1 is for photos and music, and has duplication on it, but I don't want/need an SSD adding to this pool. 2 pools hold TV & Movies, which I do want to add an SSD to, to speed up copying of files to the pool from the network, or from other local SSDs on the server. The 4th pool is a big pool of 8TB disks, which CrashPlan backs up the 3 other pools to. Looks like one of tomorrow's jobs is to find space in the server, to install the SSD into, and then reconfigure DrivePool to use the new partitions. J
  2. I have a couple of media pools that I'd like to add an SSD to, as a landing disk when copying to the pool. I have a spare 480GB SSD available and was wondering if I could split the disk into two 240GB partitions and add a 240GB partition to each of the media pools. Will this work, and if it does can you think of any issues I may encounter, or do I need a SSD for each pool I want to add a landing disk to? The media pools have no duplication running, as they are protected by CrashPlan backing up to a third, much larger, backup pool. J
  3. When I try to view the SMART data for my Server system drive (C:), an OCZ Agility 3 SSD, Scanner crashes. It looks like it tries to run some built in crash data collection tool, but this also crashes and I just get a Windows "ScannerUI has stopped working" dialog. I've attached a screenshot of the crash dialog, etc. Is there any log file, or debug switch I can set, that will enable me to get more data to you about this? I also recently added an OCZ ARC100 SSD to the server (6 days ago Scanner says) and atm the SMART data for the drive is very limited, so I assume this drive isn't full supported by Scanner and BitFlock yet.
  4. Don't know how I missed that. You learn something new every day I still think it would be useful to see when having a quick look at the UI to make sure everything is OK.
  5. Add the POWER column and you will see the drives as either Standby or Active (Spun down or up and running).
  6. Sometimes I forget to re-enable scanning, when I have manually stopped it. Due to this I recently managed to leave scanning switched off for over a month. :-( Can I make a feature request that an additional column be added, showing the last time the disk was scanned? Additionally, maybe the text or background colour of the entry could change to alert users if disks have passed the deadline for next scan, using the current scanner schedule and the last scanned date/time. What do you think?
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