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  1. I did the "resetting" all the settings procedure and all seems perfect now after several times looking at the GUI by both Remote desktop and by the Dashboard from client. That did the trick. Maybe a note in the changelog that doing this might help after doing beta upgrades? Or if you have a notion one set of changes might need it more than others? I just didn't think of it. Thanks for the help!
  2. OK more goodies for you. I went into the dashboard again and it had 2 out of maybe 6 disks listed with it'ssilly low pool size andsuch even though the folders and files worked fine. So I checked the Balancer settings for fun and after saving a small tweak I got my full drivepool back!!! Yeah sounds great right?? Well I decided I wanted to tweak the balancer again to uncheck allow unduplicated files for a few disks. That's when I got this error! PS - I feel like I should say something nice about Beta 746. It seems to be VERY VERY Fast for folder navigation and file access. I liked the
  3. OK so I opened WHS2011 Dashboard and BAM I see this: Now again I can browse with explorer from client and see all the files (randomly checking / opening PDF or JPEG, etc...) from folders that are definitely in the DrivePool.....
  4. Just checked by RDPing again today and I can see the checkmarks fine this time. BUT I have the GUI only showing a few of the HDDs in the pool basically about half the of the drives that are actually there. I tried using explorer on client Win 7 to browse a bounch of different folders (all are in the DrivePool on WHS2011) and ran into no issues. So it's odd the DrivePool GUI only shows a few HDDs and the smaller reduced capacity as if the other drives are just GONE!
  5. OK it fixed it self. NOTE: When you install the Beta via Remote desktop and it loads the Drivepool GUI inside WHS2011 desktop it has the issue above. Log off the RDC and use WHS2011 "DashBoard" and BAM Drivepool is good to go again. looking nice.. I can see all the checkmarks and the lower Performance GUI when expanded upward has all the graph bars... Sorry for the extra / new thread.
  6. So hopefully this is just a quick one to let you know or let me know why. Was on 742 Beta and I could see in the "Performance" options and I am 99% sure I had all of them checked but the "Bypass ..." So upgraded to 746 and now I can't get check marks back next to any of them at all. When I expand the lower GUI section for "Performance" it only has one verticle bar graph now. It's labeled "Fast I/O" and that's all. No Netowrk I/O boost anymore. I'm not sure I'm even getting "Real-Time duplication" anymore which is actually the main one I'd like to know for sure is happening. Tha
  7. If anyone isn't running the latest CPU while still using Win7 you might want to try this. Since just turning off thumbnails and forcing icons only my computer feels 3x faster for everything! At least for any explorer actions anywhere (local or LAN) it's super fast. It's amazing. Chris - The only setting that I can't seem to revert back to default (before working on this issue) is the one from the Password conflict fix: Run secpol.msc Drill down through Local Policies | Security Options. Find Network Security: LAN Manager authentication level. Set this Send NTLM response only (It is bl
  8. FIXED!!!!! [Well it's a work around honestly] I have to eat crow. Many apologizes It's definitely not a DrivePool issue. It was just more pronounced (only happening on sever shares not local drives) and I found fault in my test of the folder share outside of the DrivePool. Also years of just using normal settings and DrivePool handling my shares made me complacent and too fast to look at it. So here's the fix from taken from a 2011 post at "SevenForums.com" [Note: Only needed to do this on Win7 client] OK, here's what works for me: 1. Explorer/Tools/Folder Options/View 2. From
  9. Did some interesting testing. I have conclusively verified that the Folder lock (preventing moving or renaming) is 100% a DrivePool issue. I simply created a new Share on the WHS2011 that is pointing to a folder structure completely outside of the DrivePool and every single folder move/rename within that share works perfectly and fast. No issues. Within a few moments I attempted move/renames for folders within the DrivePool (through a share connected by same client Win7Pro machine) and consistant issues. Attempting to test new Beta *.742 (previous was *.740). It completed it's first
  10. Ruled out MalwareBytes all toghether (thought maybe driver filtering file opening folder/file or something). Easy check: Quit it completely and attempt same steps and all was fine. I think I "fixed" my double click when meant to be single click. I have used the same beloved Logitech highend regular (not gaming) mouse for likely 7-10 years. Found out this is a normal issues arising in mice. Either buy new mouse or try to see if mouse settings for a slow double click speed fixes it. Bought a new one. Initial evaluation seems that my computer is much better (for local actions) w/regards
  11. All - Thanks for the suggestions. Chris - I tried the Login security settings and it didn't help any. For some reason when I'm connected to the WHS2011 on the Win7 client it's like the explorer.exe is doing things in double. Sometimes you see it by having a folder or file open as if double clicked when only single clicked (highly annoying). While other issues are not visual until Win7 puts up the warning that it's already open. Like my Win7 client is putting two handles open for the folder and when I tell the one to do the rename (or move) the 2nd hidden unasked for one is blocking
  12. Absolutely nothing new accessing the files that wouldn't have been for the last few years. No Plex, emby or otherwise. It's my "Pictures" share but likely same problem elsewhere (I haven't tested other shares). Also I can switch between the clients doing same task (rename folder) and have: Win7Pro client - issues Win 8.1 client - no issues at all Win7Pro client - Issues all within a moment (as fast as I can change keyboards). Seems consistant. Should I try the following? I think I'll try reverting to an earlier Beta and if I have to the Stable release in the next couple days whe
  13. I just went to try to downgrade to a previous Beta just to test but forgot I have to use Add/remove first then install version I want. So that gave me pause and I'm now asking if there's any issue with going to back to another beta to see if this still happens. I think I used these before: *.735 *.672 *.665 *.659 I know I used *.659 for a very long time and don't _think_ I had these kinds of issues. I do like how the very latest betas handle the drive measuring and duplication passes, etc... GUI touchups are nice in them too!
  14. Strangely enough I just tried similar tasks (renaming folders) on a Win8.1 client and couldn't get the same issues or errors. Now I went back to same shared folders again with the Win7Pro client and immediately am hit with the folder/file locked message (see attached screen capture in previous post) on almost very attempt to do something. I'm running the same MalwareBytes version (v3) on both machines. Nothing really different except the OS being Win7Pro for issues and Win8.1 seems fine.
  15. Using beta *.740 on WHS2011. When accessing shared folder (on drivepool) via Win7Pro client I get an issue where the cursors focus keeping clicking and highlighting the entire filename when I'm trying to do a renaming event. I'm also seeing issues with it saying the Folder (trying to rename folder) is open in another program "close the folder or file and try again". I RDP into the server and did the renaming I needed to accomplish directly on the server (by navigating to DrivePool "G:" drive and doing it all there). No issues of any type at all when doing it this way. Any suggest
  16. Chris - Thanks. Of course it was a false positive. But now Scanner service doesn't start/work. I thought I would be smart and take a copy of the "Scanner.Service.exe" file from an image backup (just 2 days before it was quarintined by MSE) and just copy it back into the correct folder, Reboot & be set. Unfortunately that didn't work. I used the "Remove" button in MSE and put the EXE file back from the image but now the Scanner Service is missing from "Services.msc" What do you recommend doing to get the service back installed on my Win 7 machine? If it's re-install the enti
  17. Hoping this is a false positive: Win 7 MSE with definitions from 12/5/2016 reports this: Category: Trojan Description: This program is dangerous and executes commands from an attacker. Recommended action: Remove this software immediately. Items: file:C:\Program Files (x86)\StableBit\Scanner\Service\Scanner.Service.exe service:ScannerService
  18. So for the Beta 672 issue it was when I was using a Win 7 client to access (via LAN) a share folder/files. The files (RecordedHDTV share) were all coming up as with a message from Win 7 GUI msgbox something like: "Access denied / File not found at location specified" or something like that. So sorry I didn't get screen captures. I just switched back to earlier beta I knew/hoped would work again. But 672 was not completing the initial duplication check without "Warnings" I had / saw no issues about a "pool part not being detected" in the DrivePool beta 672 GUI it showed all the poo
  19. Christopher - It's done. I uploaded the Service Folder with the ErrorReports and the Service Log file (and Store folder intact). MY comments are: 1) The dates for the Error report logs in the "ErrorReports" folder appear to be from the days that I had the DrivePool duplicate change itself for all the folders. On the older dates I had the entire pool goto 3x duplication which overfilled the drives. The newer/more recent errors I had it goto 1x on all folders then autocorrect itself back to 2x on most (except one subfolder). 2) The Beta 672 was installed 2016-04-01 14:58:33Z (for the
  20. Well then we might be in luck. The dates for the ErrorReport *.saencryptedlog files seem to correspond exactly with all of my duplication issues (went to 3x on all, went to 1x on all, etc...). I'm going to guess that those error reports are encrypted to keep your proprietary code from being leaked then. Sorry for all the questions but I feel more comfortable knowing what kind of information I'm uploading before putting it up/out there on the net. Might as well complete the list of files and ask about the files in the "Store" folder that look like pool parts or hdds volumes.
  21. You are right I was able to find the lines in the "DrivePool.Service-2016-04-01.log" text file referring to the issues. BTW What type of info is logged into the ErrorReports folders file that are *.saencryptedreport ? They obviously do not open in Notepad to check out like the Service log.
  22. What would be of more value? The current logs from after the uninstall and reinstall to be back to 665 OR Install newest Beta again, enable file system logging / have issues then send you logs? (BTW how do you enable file system logging?) I'm not going to have a lot of time to work on this (hopefully first half of upcoming week) but will try to do something to help as I really appreciate your work on these issues. Oh and how about screen snippings of the messages from both DrivePool GUI on server & messages from client Win 7 when attempting to move a file? I like screen captu
  23. Thanks for the new BETA to try to fix this issue. Just installed and gave it a go! Had to immediately uninstall and say a few prayers while rebooting and going to back *.665 beta. I tired 3 times with the *.672 beta and on each install/startup it did it's duplication check pass through entire pool and always come up as Warning: issues. and gave a message box that I could expand with what files/locations weren't right. I thought OK it's just duplication so I tired to move a file on that list and windows said the file wasn't at that location anymore!!! That's what scared me.
  24. I have just finished two days for baby sitting my WHS2011 DrivePool while the same exact issue happened. Logged into dashboard for something else and looked at DrivePool (Beta *.659). Saw the Free Space at top of pie chart was ~2x more than usual. Bar at bottom was doing a duplication pass. Entire DrivePool went to 1x and was redoing the duplication. I've since done my own home grown "audit" of files (RoboCopy -list output only to backup) and saved "Dir" command text files (before / after issue). No files missing or issues. Made sure all the HDDs were ok by forcing new Drive Sc
  25. Thanks. All set. I'll see about marking thread as answered/complete. I went to each Drive letter (except C: for WHS2011 OS) and turned off Recylce bin in the GUI first (including the DrivePool letter) Then I only had to simply run the: rd /s /q G:\$Recycle.bin where G: is my drivepool. Recycle bin is gone and not coming back now for the hard drives and pool on the server!
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