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  1. Copy that. That is a bummer, it just seems like NTFS is lacking the resiliency features that would make it great. ReFS resiliency depending on Storage Spaces is also disappointing. I know ZFS can handle most of my concerns, I just do not want to spend that much money up front and I like the ability to mix drive types and sizes at will.
  2. Hello, I have read many of the posts and responses about DrivePool and ReFS, I think I have a pretty good handle on the issues present while using Server 2019, DrivePool and Storage Spaces. My primary reason for wanting to move to ReFS was due to its ability to prevent or correct bit rot. Many users seem content to stick with NTFS in conjunction with DrivePool and Scanner, which is what I am currently using. My question is does the Scanner provide any protection\correction for bit rot? I know it does several scans, and I have those automatically running, but does it perform active correction to damaged files? Thanks!
  3. Trayal

    SSD Calibration Retry

    SATA/AHCI EVO 840 MZ-7TE250BW Crystal disk viewer doesnt show an error, but I got Scanner because I didnt trust Crystal Disk... :)
  4. Trayal

    SSD Calibration Retry

    Hello. I recently upgraded to the newest stable version of the scanner, and immediately I received a warning about calibration retires on the C: drive. That drive is a Samsung SSD, those warnings did not exist on previous version. Based on what I know it shouldn't happen anyway, an SSD does not calibrate when powered up like a platter drive, unless that measure has been adjusted to perform something else on an SSD. So my question is do I have a real problem, or just a scan anomaly related to SSDs? Thanks
  5. Trayal

    Duplication removed??

    Well, I went to the directory, and the logs start on 12/02, it doesnt seem like any logs before that were saved, but I have had drivepool running for almost six months with no issues. I am uploading those logs, but the issue started before that and I had already forced a measure and a balance. All the folder duplication settings were still correct, I didn't have to make any changes, and once I initiated a remeasure it began duplicating the files in the folders that had lost duplication. Additionally I ran updated scans with Stablebit Scanner, and there are no warnings or issues coming up for any of my physical disks. I am currently using Drivepool I have no backup services running, I am using Comodo Internet Security pro for AV, however I have it set to request permission before attempting to "fix" anything it flags. Windows 7 Pro.
  6. Trayal

    Duplication removed??

    I logged into my server today to check on disk status, just a check. I hadnt noticed anything amiss. But I noticed when I looked in the pool that it listed 2.2 TB duplicated, but 1.6 TB not duplicated. Which is weird because all my files are duplicated. It also said I had more "free space" than what I remember being available the last time I checked. Looking at the scan status it claimed it was duplicating and entire folder that up until today was duplicated. I checked in Stablebit scanner, and all drives are healthy with no warnings. Is there any reason duplication would be lost and have to be redone?
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