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  1. OK, I have seemed to fix this for now. Here is what I did. Downgraded to 2.1. Pool D On the pool that is a 2-drive RAID 1 I saw when looking at the Poolpart subdirectories on each drive that there was a subdirectory with a lock overlay icon. I don't have any fancy permissions on this machine, and I saw from here (https://www.howtogeek.com/howto/17117/remove-the-lock-icon-from-a-folder-in-windows-7/) this can be caused by not having the Users group as part of the permissions. This was in fact missing from the security list, so I added it to both folders (windows recursed the file
  2. OK. Can you give me some idea of the things that cause this "Duplication Inconsistent" message? And if it could be a false positive? As I mentioned, when I checked before, I saw the same number of files, folders and total file size on the 2-drive Raid 1 pool. Is there any way to tell the program to not measure the pool, or to select when it measures, or something? At the moment every time i reboot to try to diagnose this it goes through the hours-long process of re-measuring my 100+ TB pool just to report again that the duplication.is inconsistent. Would the "BitLocker_PoolPartU
  3. Any thoughts from the data I uploaded?
  4. Yeah, that fixed the drive size reporting, but it bled right into a "duplication inconsistent" message, so I started that as a separate thread.
  5. I uploaded the file system logging from the duplication check.
  6. I did run the troubleshooter back on 8/27 and I think it uploaded about 125MB of data. Hopefully you have that. Does the file system logging need to be active for the whole duplication check, or can I start it a short time after the check starts? My issue is this; I got a BSOD the first time I ticked that option and then started the re-check duplication. So the system restarted, and the duplication check starts before I can go into the UI and tick the option. Its running now with the option ticked but a short while after the duplication check had started. Not sure if there is a
  7. The only option is to re-check the duplication. This does not fix the issue. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B6kCZhZ7luZ2YWtmWmszX3ZfbzQ
  8. I want to disagree with this. The measure of whether one should use software is whether it meets your use case and has no, or known, defects. I will agree that Stablebit needs to tighten up their beta cycle, how a beta can remain such for 1.5+ years is head scratching, but if the released product works, there is no need for feature creep for no reason. Also, new features mean new bugs. I would much rather see fixes to underlying bugs than have periodic face lifts. I still use Windows 7 because it works. I still use an old version of a Screen Print program because even after many Windows
  9. JazzMan

    Drive size

    The trouble is, DP has a lot more flexibility than just RAID 1, you can choose to replicate only certain folders, So DP would have no way of predicting how much usable space those folders might represent in the future. I think it would be confusing to report drive space one way when drive replication is used and another way when folder replication is used.
  10. Now both my pools are showing "Duplication Inconsistent" message in the UI. I think that was true on both the I was running before I upgraded for this thread; http://community.covecube.com/index.php?/topic/3088-disk-reporting-incorrect-size-after-replacebalance/ as well as now. The pool automatically re-measured when I rebooted post-install. The drive sizes look ok now, but both (even the pool I did not work on) show duplication inconsistent. They showed green/ok before I replaced the first drive under DI message has not been an issue for me before.
  11. OK, I'll use the later beta. I forget, but I think there is a feature of 2.2 I am using and would rather not roll back to 2.1.
  12. FWIW, an equivalent thing happened when replacing the second drive in the pool. For this one I took the disk Offline. removed it from the pool, hot swapped it, and formatted and added the new drive to the pool. After balancing it also showed double the actual Duplicated space. The weird part is the error is on the drive being copied from, not the empty one being copied to. I remembered; http://wiki.covecube.com/StableBit_DrivePool_Q7200705 and did that this time and it did correct the disk info in the UI, however it would be nice to not have this defect/feature as another pool that
  13. Hi, DP Win 7 SP1 x64 Scenario; I have a pool with two 4TB drives and 2x duplication. The drives were nearly full (~213GB free on each) so I was going to replace both with larger 10TB drives. I shut down the computer, removed one of the drives and replaced it with an empty unformatted 10TB drive. I turned the computer back on and created and formatted a partition. I removed the missing drive from the pool in DP and added the new empty drive. DP started balancing. At the end of the process a half day or so later, the 10TB drive is reporting as expected in DP, but the 4T
  14. JazzMan

    File Placement

    But I just have to wait for the scheduler to kick in, or change the scheduling so that it starts a few minutes from now? There is no menu option to just "rebalance now"?
  15. JazzMan

    File Placement

    I added some file placement (folder) rules. How do I force DrivePool to shuffle existing files around to match those rules?
  16. Well, I did mention in OP that rebooting didn't help. Nonetheless, after porting I created another directory and moved the files to it at the command prompt and can see those in Explorer. Just a bit confused as what could have happened, as rebooting didn't help. What path to the file system does the command prompt use that is different from the Windows GUI? That's rhetorical, no need to respond.
  17. Hm. Have been using DrivePool for 3+ years pretty successfully. System Win 7 x64 Sp1. DP ver Beta No recent system updates (win auto update is off) No special user permissions on files, and none have the hidden attribute set. Explorer options are set to show me everything--hidden files, system files, extensions, yadda, yadda I ran the following command in a batch file from a command prompt to move files from a set of subirectories up to their parent; For /R "Photo" %%F In ("*.jpg") Do If Not Exist "Photo\%%~nxF" move "%%F" "Photo\%%~nxF" I ran this and got log messa
  18. Yes. DP does not care how or where the drive is physically connected; it uses the hidden poolpart folders to recognize the drive. I believe if your system allows hot-swapping, then you should not have to shut down the physical server of DP service..
  19. Yes, if you have whole disk duplication turned on, the effective useable space is half the raw space. The advantage to this, though, is that you have an automatic immediate online backup and don't have to deal with all the stories you see about parity based RAID arrays not rebuilding or taking a week to rebuild. The other advantage is being able to include a mixture of drives of any size. You can also configure to duplicate only certain folders also, though, so if there was a lot of temp work in the pool or something you could survive losing, you can exclude those folders from duplicatio
  20. Uploaded copies from "restore previous versions". The first one or two are probably what you would want, after that I was just always deleting the ProgramData before even trying to restart the service. Its not very significant to me that you pursue it, as I used the "reset the settings" workaround once I found it. I did it manually because I didn't know I could do it in the UI. Thanks.
  21. I'm sure this has been asked before, but I couldn't find a forum post or wiki faq. While stopping and starting the Stablebit service to move files around, I noticed my pool drive letter was still available. What functionality is in the service versus elsewhere? What can i do safely to the pool drive with the service off? Is the service just for balancing? EG, with the service stopped; If I rename a file or folder on the pool, do all copies get renamed? If I copy a file to the pool, does it get duplicated? Version 2.x
  22. Thanks. I came across a forum post that mentioned deleting %AppData%\StableBit DrivePool, so that is what I did, and that worked. You might want to add that step to reset the settings (UI or alternate) to the wiki.
  23. Following; http://wiki.covecube.com/StableBit_DrivePool_F1655 Got to step 4, but the unpooled disks are not showing up to add to the existing pool. Does DP still think they are associated to the missing pool? So, I had 8 drives in pool D: and 5 in pool E: stopped the service and moved the subfolders of the poolpart hidden folder to the root of each of the 5 drives that made up E: started the service and as the wiki states, E: has disappeared But now, all I have available to add to pool D: is my C: drive, none of the disks that were unpooled from E: I restarted the computer
  24. Was this feature ever implemented? Is the manual process described still valid? Where is the "really easy way to migrate to DrivePool" explained?
  25. JazzMan


    I did read that wiki and have the computer configured that way through a couple of BSODs. The DMP file does not get written though. I'll mess with it some more. Thanks.
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