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  1. Awesome! Im an RSS guy but thanks!
  2. I think its awesome you guys spend any time here. i was just throwing my hate into the ring that i saw the same issue. I do feel like even though it said re-authorize it was still working.
  3. Beta doesn't mean crap anymore. They are selling it, and do not have Dropbox under experimental providers. Yes bugs can happen but just an acknowledgment of an issue is the first step that should be taken.
  4. I had this issue when testing with Dropbox also. I am pretty surprised they have not responded.
  5. I have been trying to keep an eye on CloudDrive a little closer as i think its just so cool of a project however the RSS feed links at the bottom only have the options of All, Covecube Inc, StableBit Scanner, StableBit DrivePool, and Other. I would like to see StableBit CloudDrive in that list. Thanks
  6. Never mind i found the tool tips that explain it, and it works like i thought it did. That checkbox to ignore checksums is pretty scary though.
  7. I absolutely love this product just which i had a better back-end then Amazon cloud drive. My question is about the option of Upload Verification. This actually pulls the block down to verify it? with this option not checked i assume it still does a checksum check on the data. Thanks for the clarification.
  8. I guess this is what i don't understand. What permission is being requested the requires admin? Other apps that read and write data don't need this. Is everyone having this issue? surely not everyone has to get permission to use cloud drive? If they do i am sure all 14 people are happy with it. If you want me to get a list of permissions the other app gets and works i will. *UPDATE* http://imgur.com/3rhQ76R Can just click accept for this app. Don't get this far with cloud drive.
  9. Correct.... The webpage gives the error provided how ever i can authorize other applications to do similar things like transfer files. i am currently using version .404 . I also don't know what you mean when i put in the tenant. I just click connect on OneDrive for business and it opens a webpage. That webpage when i login provides the error above. When using another tools it willl take me to the next page that i accept and gives me a code to put in. Cloud Drive does not. *EDIT* A interesting point is i don't see that other app under my "App permissions" but i have verified its uploadi
  10. Still appeared to work. I didn't actually upload data or anything but got the accept and did authorized it and got the "code" then saw the sharepoint locations. Just didn't upload anything.
  11. Is this a configuration setting on the business side of things? I assume not everyone has this problem. Just googling the issue i found a few links with some good information. http://blog.beecomedigital.com/2015/06/08/aadsts90093-calling-principal-cannot-consent-due-to-lack-of-permissions/ I guess i don't exactly know where to go from here. What permissions is cloud drive asking for that would be triggering this? What setting do i need to make sure is set on O365 to not make this happen? *UPDATE* Just for a test i decided to see if another application could conne
  12. I saw this myself and tested it... Did not notice anything different. Under ideal conditions no issues. Under bad conditions it was error fest.
  13. Just throwing this out as an idea. It is asked over and over to allow multiple connections in to the same drive at the same time. There is obviously major issues that could come of that. What about a read only mode?
  14. OK so after this post i will probably go back to lurking for another month or two. What i am about to say is really what i was referring too in my original post. I am doing my testing on my Verizon hotspot. if my phone is sitting on my desk i get 2 Mb up if its setting in my window i get 12 Mb up. When i am getting the 2 Mb its just constant IO errors even at 1 or 2 threads. at 12 Mb it works fine. I guess i don't understand these time outs. Why is it failing as opposed to just running slower? Everything else works just fine.... just slower.
  15. Turns out on box.net i was getting IO errors but it wasnt showing... i turned down the threads and that fixed that issue.
  16. Ok more testing today. So i did some with encryption and no encryption, and it didn't seem to matter. box.net was consent IO errors. ACD only received one error today and my dropbox would keep flipping to lost authorization or something. I was quick to blame upload speed but i am not sure that is the real issue here, although it probably helps the problem. More testing with dropbox keep getting the Drive D dropbox is not authorized with dropbox. However the drive continues to work.
  17. I cleaned up the folder error report folder as i have done a lot of testing. Trying to log into One Drive for business again this does not produce an error report, in addition i do not see anything being added to the log file.
  18. To be honest i wasnt only talking about ACD. I tried box.net and dropbox also. With 399 i actually had zero issues. I keep coming back and trying betas to watch the progress. One thing i didnt enable this time was encryption. I will test .399 again with encryption to see if the errors come back.
  19. So i tried beta .399 today and dont seem to be having an issue even uploading at less then 1 megabit which is currently around my cap. Its slow going but no errors. I know there have been some major changes going on with ACD but they seem to be positive.
  20. I also get Calling principal cannot consent due to lack of permissions. on Microsoft one drive for business. Using the .399 build.
  21. Can you explain what exactly the issue is here? Why is a fast upload required for Cloud drive to be functional? In my area we only have 5 megabit up. I can obviously upload all day long with the other stock applications.(uploading photos etc). but doing any uploading with clouddrive its just constant error after error and basically never makes progress.
  22. Not sure if we are supposed to share this knowledge but if you look at the download location and use some common sense all builds are available. The 378 build is the ones with all the ACD optimizations that fixed EVERYTHING. Here is to hoping they release officially soon Also that uses a new version of the cloud drive i believe so its not forward or backward compatible. All this is at your own risk.
  23. WBadminUser

    Newest build.

    Just thought i would mention this latest build has made me want to purchase! I used to get none stop errors now it just works.
  24. I haven't tested this but i assumed i would be able to do a Windows Share of whatever drive DrivePool is and then access it from another computer.
  25. Maybe a few questions here? Where is the cache? and if i have a small cache 10MB and i have pasted in 10GB of data where is that large chunk sitting?
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