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  1. Windows wanted to do updates 2 days ago on WHS 2011, I allowed it and after several restarts my server folders are missing and drivepool is not working. Dashboard shows "the back ground service failed to start" restart computer - didn't work. I did one thing before I realized DP wasn't working, and recreated the folder in WHS 2011. Probably a mistake. Scanner is working OK, so I guess something has knocked out Drivepool. Suggestions? I guess I could try to reinstall drivepool.
  2. OK thanks, Your responses very much appreciated. I have a busy time coming up, so its going to be a couple of days before I get to this. I will however report back
  3. Its a little strange: Samsung SSDC Healthy, Smart OK. WD 3TB Waiting to scan, Smart OK WD 3TB Scanning, 72%, Smart OK WD 3TB Waiting Temp Equalization, Smart OK WD 4TB Scanning, Smart not acessible. WD 4TB Healthy, Smart not acessible. Prior to reinstall all smarts OK. Device manager indicates: WDC WD30 or 40 SCSI disk device Intel AHCI chipset SATA AHCI controller Storage controller - Covecube Disk Enumerator, Marvell 91xx SATA 6G controller Update 7/15/14 OK scanner has completed and shows no issues on the HD's however: The SSDC and 3x WD 3TB report Smart OK - I sent one to bitflock ID 1T1VDVQP4. Both the WD 4TB drives are reporting on disk Smart not accessible - this is occuring only since Smart_NoWmi was made True. At least I'm not getting the disk failure message now, but any thoughts?
  4. OK will do. Waiting for scans to complete, taking much longer than before, messages about equalizing temps. Case is fully open with extra fan blowing... New never before, messages about Smart not being accessible although its allowed in BIOS and Scanner. I guess will not report corrrectly until scan complete. No messages via email so far ... I tried sending data to Bitflock before, never got a message back about where the message file should be. Where should it be? I will wait until all scans complete, before doing anything else: 3 x WD 3TB green circa 2012 WD30EXRX-64MB occasional errors all 3, 1 drive evey 5 minutes. 2 x WD 4TB green - WD40EZRX-64MB brand new and no errors. MB is GIGAByte GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3 using both the onboard SATA and Marvell 88E9172 chip latest drivers from Gigabyte site. Thanks
  5. Thanks very much for answering my question about versions. Re-install is complete since last might Smart _No Wmi changed to True this morning and Scanner is now looking at all drives again. Only unusual thing is that I had to provide license details to activate Scanner after changing the config file. Fingers crossed. Now you explained the version differences for the beta version, do you suggest I change to it in a couple of days after we see the results of this change? Again, thnaks for your help.
  6. Sorry, I'm not quite understanding you. I'm am running Scanner the latest for WHS2011, only the Drive Pool is W7. A previous smart problem question with similar issues said to install the beta, as well as do the Smart_NoWmi thing. I downloaded and installed, it but Scanner still reports even though WHS2011 indicates it was installed. Is there a difference in the beta versions from WHS2011 vs. W7 even though they have the same build reference? Are you saying no need to load the scanner beta just try the Smart_NoWmi change? Are you saying "uninstall the beta" (that isn't showing it was installed) and go back to and then just try Smart_No Wmi? Edit: saw your reply under Drive Pool will now uninstall beta and put back from WHS2011 and then try Smart _No Wmi, no need to the beta right?
  7. Well the answer is nothing..... Scanner is still reporting version and WH2011 tells me the update was installed and doesn't want to permit me doing it again. I tried hot and power off and wait resets of the server without seeing any change in scanner version number. I could uninstall and try again but ... Guess I have to wait for further input
  8. OK so I upgraded to beta to see what difference it makes. Could see the harm, will report any changes.
  9. My question is slightly different so I'm starting a new thread. I made a new installation of WH2011 with DP and Scanner. Somehow I managed to mix DP for W7 and Scanner for WHS2011... I'm having issues with Smart failures popping up and disappearing, basically 3 WD 3TB (2012 only 1 still in warranty for 6 days more) drives take turns to give the error "some attributes outside OEM tolerance with reallocated sectors at 39.2% - interesting that its the same value and mostly green but sometime red. One drive does it far more frequently. I read the similar thread on configuring scanner to avoid certain messages, but it also says use scanner version 2.5 which is the beta. So should I uninstall the WHS2011 version 2.4.0. 2929 and go with the W7 version 2.4.0 2828 and then to the beta. Or can I just upgrade to the beta version which looks as if it may be a merge since the versions are the same? In my Scanner version the email (I just turned it on) has no details of the error it just refers to failing XX being the name I gave the disk in the bay description.
  10. I forgot to bring up a question and now I don't remember which version I used. After deactivating the licenses ....... When I went to reinstall Drive Pool and Scanner I saw there were dedicated WHS2011 versions as well as W7/ WHS2011, I could find no discussion on why or what was best for my WHS 2011 server (64bit) on an otherwise W7 network (it was very late) and I went, I think; with the W7/WHS 2011 version. I say that since the GUI was different, how can I tell? DP says its version Should I have used the Scanner for the same version and how can I tell what I used? it shows version Update, I found the answer I used the W7 for DP and WHS2011 for scanner, however I see the beta scanner versions have the same number - it that indicating a merge and the best way for me to have the same version of both? Was there ever a discussion of what version was best for mixed WHS2011/ W7?
  11. When I rebuilt my server I recorded the serial number and position in the bay. So I could identify "failing disks" put the sata lead back on a different HD by mistake (I have 6 drives) and WHS will change the assigned letter. Serial number works for me.
  12. Call me old fashioned I like duplication by Folder.
  13. Thanks guys, I hope this will help others as well. Moved the folders as suggested, now will delete D and expand C. Then I need to go back to the original drive and uninstall Drive pool and Scanner
  14. I appreciate the help. Restore created too many driver issues, so I made a new install on the SSD. Might be better overall. So on the 256GB SSD, I have: 100MB NTF (C:) 60 GB NTFS, Boot, PF, CD, Primary Partition. (D:) 178GB NTFS Primary Partition, (contains Folders) Plus a different HD (E:) 3.9TB Primary Partition. Can I just delete the D drive (having copied the folders to current E:) and then just delete partition D and extend the space to C: Thanks
  15. Thanks. I'd rather not do clean install but it remains an option. Good job you reminded me about the Covecube licenses I have a server back up on a different HD, but how would I run it to restore to an SSD. The SSD would have no OS so how would I access the HD with the backup? From the original WH2011 CD's I guess - will take a look, but a link to step by step would be great. Also my C drive and the WH2011 stuff on D looks bigger that 256GB. I removed all backup records last night so maybe its smaller now. Do you think its worthwhile trying to get WHS 2011 and the Covecube add-ons on to the SSD?
  16. Long time user of WH1 and WHS 2011 with Drive pool and Scanner. It works so well, I'm no expert. Anyway scanner is reporting my main HD (2TB) has some smart issues and its now my smallest drive. I have a spare Samsung 256GB SSD and would like to have the reserved partition and C drive on the SSD (I have never like the boot and information partitions being on a drive also used for storage. Then I would like to pool a bunch of 3 and 4 TB drives (much duplication). Any thing special I need to do? I am almost finished back with a backup of 7 TB of data so I'm prepared to start from scratch if I must. Thanks BG
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