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  1. I mean that after I removed Scanner using "Programs and Features " in the WHS 2011 Control Panel, and after I removed from the Add-in page of the Dashboard, Scanner was still there in the WHS Dashboard menu and could be accessed and functioned normally. There was nothing left for me to remove it further than to reboot, and that didn't even work. However, after the reboot, I ran the new version of the Scanner installer, it was able to update itself to the most recent version without giving me any error pop-ups and the latest version is now running. I hope that's clearer.
  2. Thanks. Just a final FYI: despite the uninstall and removal, the older version of Scanner will remain active on the dashboard even after a reboot, but it can now be updated by running the most recent installer. Reboot after the update.
  3. OK this is weird: I'm not sure which version of Scanner is really running on my system because when I tried to run the update, I get a message saying I'm already running the latest version. And yet, on Scanner's GUI it tells me the version is Suggestions?
  4. Thanks for the reply. I forced the repair (which took about 15 seconds) and it turns out that "closing handles" basically took the entire DrivePool offline; all the backups came back after a reboot, as well as a new email message reporting the same problem: the drive now reads "Healthy" in Scanner, so I assume that email is no longer relevant (a reporting bug?). So the entire DrivePool was taken offline for the repair. Knowing this is important; my worry was breaking the integrity of the Pool. As for the updates, strangely in the Add-Ins section of WHS 2011, I only see Stabilebit Scann
  5. I use both Scanner and DrivePool on a WHS 2011 system which is only used for system backups of 3 PCs in my home. I don't use WHS for data storage at all. It turns out I'm using Scanner and DrivePool, so I'm a little behind on the updates, although these programs never let me know updates were available which is how I believed I was to be notified... anyway... This morning I received an email from Scanner letting me know that there's File System Damage. It's one of 4 - 1TB drives that are part of the pool containing all the PC backups. SMART data is not "predicting immi
  6. Breeze

    Just..."Wow!" ;)

    Actually, the warranty can be re-adjusted to the purchase date (I've done this many times with WD drives). Also when a drive gets replaced on warranty, the warranty deadline can sometimes be changed and in some cases extended. This is why I think this should be a user managed field. Only the OVERVIEW section of the Details page; and yes for ALL the disks in the system.
  7. As a relative noob with DrivePool, I've basically installed it and haven't really played much with the defaults. However I do have an issue: I'm using it with WHS 2011 mainly for client backups and I'd like to be able to backup the entire pool to external media for off-site storage. My client backup is now about 3.25 TB and will likely grow over time so it's outside the scope of the built-in WHS Server Backup feature as far it's not designed to handle over 2TB of client backup data. I see files being redistributed among the drives through the balancing routines and I'm counting on Scanner
  8. Breeze

    Just..."Wow!" ;)

    This is in fact very useful. OK FR's: - Another bit of data I'd like to be able to input manually and see shown is the warranty expiry date for each drive in the system. - I also would like to see a details page listing the Overview from the Drive Details for all the drives on one page. BTW, I put an old questionable drive in the system, got SMART warnings and an email advisory... yanked the drive out... this is just great....
  9. Breeze

    Just..."Wow!" ;)

    I recently moved to WHS 2011 and knew about DrivePool, found out about Scanner, and bought the one machine license for both. I've been spending more time with DrivePool getting things organized. I put a new disk in WHS yesterday and discovered that Scanner can read the SMART data through one of the SATA chipsets on the motherboard that for years I'd given up on; none of the diagnostic tools I used in the past could see it. Then I discovered the shortcuts at the bottom of the Scanner window disclosing everything we'd like to know (or not!) about the drives... I just want to say that you
  10. Seems there's a lot of "ummm"-ing and "maybe..."'s and generalized pussy footing around on this subject! Could it be because it's never a sure thing? What worked for me, for the record: WHS 2011 SP1 all patched as of 2014-06-12 DrivePool RC Scanner Note: there were no shared or duplicated folders in the pooled HDDs, just the "Client Computer Backups" folder (G:\ServerFolders\Client Computer Backups). The default shared folders are on D: (2nd partition of the C: disc) To change the letter to P: (or whatever): Close any open files open on the server fro
  11. I did this major flub installing DrivePool. Now my pool is assigned "G:", between the real drives F: and H:... this could be trouble down the line when drives get replaced and/or taken out. Wish I'd known this first. All I have currently on WHS 2011 is client backups, all in the DrivePool. Unduplicated Shared folders are on D: (same physical drive as C:). So I'd like to use B: or P: for the pool as others have done. But how do I change the client backup drive reference without losing the client backups? Is it even possible? Thanks!
  12. I found something strange: when I checked up on the WHS machine, I noticed the DVDROM light was going on and off constantly. It turns out I had left the WHS 2011 disk in it. After I removed it, I checked the Windows System logs and found a huge list of consecutive error messages whose source was "cdrom": "The driver detected a controller error on \Device\CdRom0." Not sure why this was happening; never seen this before. Could it be related to Scanner? FYI...
  13. Actually, the driver angle is a valid one: my graphics card currently is using the default VGA driver and doesn't have a proper WS2008-R2 driver. There may well be other issues, though none glaringly obvious. BTW, the first auto-backup worked last night, but a second client backup got hijacked by "update Tuesday"... and now I can't connect to the dashboard from that client... (%!?#&/$!!!). Teething pains. Thanks for all the tips. I'll definitely take a closer look at the hardware config and do some benchmarking.
  14. Done! It took 30 hours. I'm going to have to figure out if this can be improved. I'm hoping the incremental updates are going to be significantly faster.
  15. Thanks for the observations, Christopher. It's now past the 24 hour mark, with 16% left to go. I understand that this is a lot of data, and that there's a lot of management involved in doing client backups, but it's still considerably longer than it took with WHSv1. The only difference, apart with the root OS which I would expect to be at least as efficient, is DrivePool. Everything else, hardware, network & NICs, even drives and clients, are exactly the same. I think it may also have something to do with the drive balancing. I get the feeling that every so often, there's a time where
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