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  1. I have the exact same problem with the same version of Scanner. Furthermore, running chkdsk manually does not turn up any errors in the file system.
  2. Thanks for the response. I will enable logging and attempt to reproduce when I next have time to upgrade and downgrade again if it proves necessary.
  3. I learned something that might be helpful from CrashPlan support: “On windows CrashPlan uses NTFS events to watch for changing files. So it is possible something in that update broke NTFS events.†I’m still happy to provide any information I can to help you determine if there is something different about the update that is causing the issue with CrashPlan. Just let me know what you need.
  4. Update: I followed the clean install procedure documented on the Wiki, and then I downgraded to CrashPlan still could not detect file changes in the Pool, even after Measuring and Duplication checking were completed. I then rebooted again since I did not do so after installing (just the 3 times in the clean install procedure). Now, CrashPlan can detect real time file changes in the Pool, even though Measuring is again occurring. I am unclear why Measuring started over after rebooting since I waited until the Pool was green before I rebooted. So, possibly there is something different about compared to that is causing CrashPlan to have real time file change detection problems in the Pool. I am using CrashPlan PRO 4.9.0 since I converted from CrashPlan Home a couple of weeks ago. If I can do anything to help you investigate this strange behavior that may be DrivePool-related, please let me know.
  5. I had been running my WHS 2011 with DrivePool for a long time with CrashPlan without any problems. After updating to, which required a clean install because of hibernation failures, I have discovered CrashPlan can no longer detect new file creation or changed files in the Pool (it still can on my C: drive). So, the real time file backups are not occurring for anything created or modified in the Pool. The new and changed files are not found until CrashPlan scans the entire Pool at the end of the day. I know CrashPlan requires NTFS volumes for real time file backup, and my Pool is NTFS. Is there a reasonable possibility something changed with the update that would cause CrashPlan to have trouble seeing file changes in the Pool? I will also check with CrashPlan to see if there is anything I can troubleshoot. Thank you for your assistance.
  6. Christopher, I did run the Troubleshooter before resetting the settings, so hopefully you can find its upload and see what is causing the settings to require reset after the update. Also, I initially did not reboot after resetting the settings (just restarted the DrivePool service). Although DrivePool seemed to be functionally normally, I had an issue where every time LightsOut hibernated the server after 30 minutes of no activity, the server immediately woke up again. I am far from certain DrivePool had anything to do with this since the September MS patches were also installed a couple of hours before I updated DrivePool. I subsequently ensured DrivePool finished measuring my pool, and then I rebooted the server. It appears the reboot has stopped the waking up problem, so if anyone is having the same experience after updating DrivePool, I would start with a reboot after letting measuring complete before trying anything else.
  7. I am borrowing this from the Beta 822 thread since it worked for me: Try resetting the settings. http://wiki.covecube...ePool_Q2299585B I did not reboot, but just restarted the DrivePool service after deleting the directories mentioned, and that fixed it. If you want to provide StableBit with diagnostic information before resetting the settings, run the StableBit Troubleshooter first: http://wiki.covecube..._Troubleshooter
  8. After following the settings reset procedure, DrivePool is Measuring like I expect after an upgrade. So, hopefully the issue is fixed. I did upload everything using the Stablebit Troubleshooter before I stopped the DrivePool service. Perhaps that will assist with identifying the underlying issue.
  9. I just updated to beta 844 after receiving the upgrade notification. I have restarted twice, and I am getting the background service failed to start message in the Dashboard. I will use the Stablebit Troubleshooter and then try resetting the settings as you advised the user reporting the same problem with the 822 beta.
  10. Thank you very much for your response. I have downloaded the newer build, and I will let you know how Scanner acts with the drive. The SMART data for the drive is now appearing in Scanner, which is very promising. It did pass the WD Data Lifeguard Extended Test overnight, so I expect Scanner will say it is OK, too.
  11. I have just used Scanner on two new WD My Book 1230 USB external hard drives (first was exchanged for the second). The current beta of scanner cannot read SMART data from either of them, even with NoWin and Unsafe checked, but bitflock.com can. Even stranger, Scanner reports each has exactly 214 unreadable sectors shortly after it begins scanning them, in the same location on the block display, on two different PCs with Scanner licenses. Is this real, or is Scanner somehow mistaken? I am checking the second drive now with WD's Data Lifeguard Diagnostic Extended Test to see what it says. No point in exchanging again if the bad sectors are a phantom problem. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  12. I wiped the Scanner settings and rebooted. 2.5.3000 just showed "Initializing" and never connected to the service, even after subsequently uninstalling and reinstalling 2.5.3000. The only way I got 2.5.3000 to work again was to uninstall it, install 2.5.2968 and verify that worked, and then reinstall 2.5.3000 over 2.5.2968. I hope the Error Reports provide some insight. Thanks.
  13. I have submitted the Error Reports. The Scanner service is running, but there is no corresponding process to create a dump file from, at least once I have started getting the Object reference error every time I open the Dashboard. Rebooting stops the problem for a little while, but it comes back eventually. I will try wiping the scanners settings as well.
  14. I have attached some additional information from the event viewer. Dashboard Error.txt
  15. After upgrading scanner on my WHS 2011 box to 2.5.3000 beta to match the Win 7 box I upgraded in response to my last issue, I have suddenly starting getting "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" appearing in a Covecube troubleshooting box every time I open the Dashboard in WHS 2011. After I send the error report to Covecube, the Dashboard will open for a minute or so, but it eventually closes itself. Any ideas? I assume the error relates to scanner, but I am also running DrivePool 1.3.7572. I have not changed the DrivePool version for a long time, though. Thanks, Wonko
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