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  1. I used this adapter cable for years & never had a problem. Before I bought my server case I had a regular old case. I had (3) 4 in 3 hot swap cages next to the server. I ran the sata cables out the back of my old case. I had a power supply sitting on the shelf by the cages which powered them. The cool thing was that I ran the power cables that usually go to the motherboard inside of the case from the second power supply. I had a adapter that would plug into the motherboard and the main power supply that the computer would plug into. The adapter had a couple of wires coming from it to a female connection. You would plug your second power supply into it. What would happen is that when you turn on your main computer the second power supply would come on. That way your computer will see all of your hard drives at once. Of course when you turned off your server both of the power supplies would turn off. Here is a link to that adapter. Let me know what you think. https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9SIA85V3DG9612
  2. I can attest that the above works. I purchased a Norco RPC-4216. This is a 16 bay case a year ago. I purchased the LSI SAS 9207-8i card. I have it hooked up to the Intel RES2SV240 Expander card. All 16 hard drives run at full speed with this setup. It is a little slow to boot, the card takes a few minutes to initialize. But once the machines boots up it is a screamer.
  3. I checked one more way with your link. Here is what I found out. Thank you for letting me know about this.
  4. I read your second link: https://www.ghacks.net/2015/08/01/check-if-windows-10-is-activated/ This is what I get.. It looks like I am indeed Activated.
  5. Looks like it's activated to me. If you know of a better way to verify I am all ears. I do want to make sure that I am activated. Thanks Phil I took this from the Control Panel - System
  6. It was actually easy to upgrade. I downloaded the Media Creation Tool from Microsoft. I opted to save the files as a ISO. I extracted the files from the ISO into a install directory on my NVMe drive. Then typed setup. It installed Windows 10 Pro since I was upgrading from Windows 8.1 Pro. Once the upgrade was completed Windows activated itself. I wasn't prompted for a product key or anything. So it looks like you can still get the upgrade for FREE! I'm not complaining. I hope this info can help someone else get a free copy of Windows 10. Phil
  7. I got the NVMe health to work in my scanner software. I upgraded my Windows 8.1 Pro to Windows 10 Pro. Everything works now as it should. Thank you for getting stats working for my NVMe drive. All is good now. Thanks Phil
  8. Here is the info: MyDigitalSSD BPX 80mm (2280) M.2 PCI Express 3.0 x4 (PCIe Gen3 x4) NVMe MLC SSD (480GB) I purchased it from Amazon. Here is the link: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01MDRUXNZ/ I hope this helps Phil P.S. Here are the stats: Phison E7 (PS5007-E7) Controller 2D MLC with 4-plane High-performance NAND NVM Express® 1.2 Interface PCI Express® Gen 3 x4 Small and Easy-to-install M.2 Form Factor End-to-End Data Path Protection AES-256 Encryption Power Loss Protection using Intelligent Cache Management Low Power Mode Supports L1.2 Built-in Voltage Detector for Power Failure Protection Built-in Voltage Regulators GPIO pins and Built-in UART Hardware ECC (BCH) up to 120bit/2KB Built-in Static and Dynamic Wear Leveling SMART, TRIM, and RAID Support Smart ECC™ - RAID ECC Protection Windows & OSX Support 5 Year Limited Warranty
  9. I just upgraded to the new scanner version. I updated thru the scanner software. I am running I have a NVME BPX 446 GB drive. Smart is not showing up. Any help would be appreciated. Phil P.S. Thanks for the new update..
  10. I don't know what happened but the Pool balanced last night just fine. I also balanced the pool manually this morning and it finished just fine. Phil
  11. Troubleshooter has completed. Thank you for your help.
  12. I uploaded the service.zip file.
  13. I've been having a problem with my Pool not balancing. I am running version Each time I try to manually balance I get the following error code in my service log: 0:09:59.6: Warning: 0 : [Rebalance] Error balancing. The system cannot find the path specified Any help would be appreciated in this manner. Thanks Phil
  14. It looks like it's time. I'll get some compressed air in a can in a few days. I bet it's dirty. Thanks Chris. Phil
  15. Hey everybody, I have a Norco 4u 16 bay sas case. I was wondering how often you need to open it up and blow out the dust from the fans and hard drives. I just got this case last February and was wondering. I haven't cleaned mine so it might be dirty dirty. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Phil
  16. Is scanner development getting closer to being able to access the smart data on NVMe drives? Thanks Phil
  17. It's at the bottom of the GUI. Right under the green bar for Pool Organization.
  18. I may be wrong but I think you just need to re-measure the pool. I recently manually added some files to the hidden pool folder & they showed up as other until I re-measured the pool.
  19. I just did this on a new build last week. I moved over 17 disks for 30tb.. It worked great. Drivepool found everything. Just don't forget to deactivate your licence before you decommission your old server.
  20. The Beta you listed for me did the trick. It doesn't remeasure every time I reboot now. Thank you very much. Phil
  21. I am on version: I'll download the latest Beta & try that. Thank you .. Phil
  22. I'll check on the options on the motherboard. I can deal on the wait though since I know it's normal.. lol Thanks for your help.
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