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  1. They were on, though I've checked with them each enabled and disabled with the same result. Does the logs I uploaded show anything I can try?
  2. When copying a large file across the network from a pooled drive it transfers at around 60 to 70 MB/s compared to around 110MB/s from a non pooled drive. I'd like to see if its possible to troubleshoot this and get the pooled drive transfer speed up. I've enabled service logging, done a few file transfers and now just uploaded 'service.zip' according to the Wiki. DP version is and OS W8.1 I appreciated it may not directly be a DP issue, any help appreciated.
  3. A big thank you to Scanner for picking up this SMART error. I took the data off the drive and removed it, but only just got around to RMA the drive. Segate have replaced it and the replacement is waiting to go in. I'm thinking about running Spinrite or similiar on it before installing as you mentioned. So many thanks to Scanner and the help on this forum, without which I almost certainly at some point would have lost unduplicated data and the hassle of dealing with this after the event.
  4. Thanks again for your reply. I've swapped over the SATA cable, though take your advice regarding this error and have done a quick check with the retailer and I can RMA with them instead of Seagate, so once I've got the data off I'll do that. You've convinced me no point in messing around when its failing so early in its life.
  5. Thank you for the information. I've downloaded the Seagate tools and done a long test on the drive with that and ran the other tests it offers and it declares the drive to be OK, it also passes Seagates SMART tests, so I think unless the Seagate software finds it faulty with their own tools I won't be able to RMA just yet. It may be connected that I've had a couple of notifications that that drive is missing from the pool, only for it to be present again a reboot, so I think I may have a loose or intermittent SATA cable. I'm going to change the cable first and see if that stops its occasional 'missing' status first and then have a rethink. Thanks again.
  6. I've had a new SMART warning come up on fairly new hard drive, only 3 months old. Is this something I should RMA the HDD for now or wait and see if it this End-to-End error gets worse, or could it be an OS system controller/driver problem and not the HDD? Has anyone come across this type of error before? I've attached a srceenshot of the error message.
  7. I think this is also related to using the 'Disk Space Equalizer' balancer, or perhaps some other balancing setting, as when I use this plugin the issue returns, but for now I can do without it and prefer not have all those errors. So maybe Alex could take a look at it when time permits? Deleting that folder restored the all the disk data on the GUI and it displays properly. You will have to activate your license afterwards, its all in the wiki http://wiki.covecube.com/StableBit_DrivePool_Q2299585B
  8. I fixed this by deleting the contents of C:\ProgramData\StableBit DrivePool and rebooting. Balancing completed now and all disks displaying correctly.
  9. Thanks for your reply. I initialy installed the beta from the download page, v2.1.0.432, then later when I had this issue I uninstalled it as per the instructions in the wiki, and installed v thinking it might resolve things. I'm trying to recall when this issue began, and think it may be related to removing a disk and replacing it with a larger capacity one, it failed to balance data across all connected disks. I then installed the 'Disk Space Equalizer' blancer thinking that would do its job, and thats where i am now. Also in the GUI only Disks '0' and '5' seem to be displaying the amount of data corectly Edited to add: One disk in this pool came from another PC also with DP installed, though I do think I formatted it before relocating it here, and adding to this pool.
  10. As per tilte, the balancer has been stuck at 'Building bucket lists..' for a couple of weeks, and the GUI shows that DP isn't able to balance to meet the targets. I've uploaded logs ('service') as per the wiki and below, Service.zip Do you need any more info? Could you have a look into into this for me please? Not a major issue, though something not quite right with the balancer.
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