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  1. So, any clues? Is there a documentation on this "dpcmd" command?
  2. Yes, I do have many "rejected" folder all over the place. It will indeed take me a lot of time to remove them. If I can do it via command line, it would be fine for me. Thanks
  3. Hi, I have folder set to duplication, and I'd like to remove subfolders from duplication, but using wildcard. For example, /folder1 (2x) /folder1/subfolderX/rejected /folder1/subfolderX/selected /folder1/subfolderY/rejected /folder1/subfolderY/selected /folder1/subfolderZ/rejected /folder1/subfolderZ/selected I what to remove all "rejected" subfolders from duplication. Is it possíble? I know I can go through each of the and remove, but there are too many of them. Thanks.
  4. Glauco

    Find out disk bay

    Hi, I have a motherbord that has 6 HDD bays, and I use all of them with DrivePool. Scanner is showing a few warnings on one of my disks, and I wanted to know which bay this disk is connected to, so I can replace it. Is there an easy way to do it? Thanks
  5. It went well! It's all up and running!!!! Thank you all!
  6. Thanks! My computer is just reinstalling! And I didn't disconnect my drives, as they are internal to my tower. I don't think windows will install anything on them, beucause they are in my RAID interface, and the system is in a M2 drive. Anyway, I'll pray... rssss
  7. Ok, good to know! Where are the config files so I can back them up? Just to make sure I'm gonna do everything right, all I have to do is backup the config files, format my PC without touching my pool drives, reinstall windows, reinstall drivepool, restore my config file and everything will be back up and running, right? Thanks!
  8. Hi everyone. I'm planning to format my PC, and I was wondering what I should do to rebuild my drive pool after reinstalling windows. Thanks
  9. Oh, I get it! So, those files I'm seeing being accessed are those that are being backed up by CrashPlan! Makes sense! Thank you again and sorry for all the questions. I guess everything is OK now. I'll star a duplication check to make sure everything is duplicated. Regards and happy new year!
  10. Thank you Shane, once again. Good to know everything is going ok. Now, I think it seems to be still duplicationg my files. Those files that show up under Disk Performance are my files I want to be duplicated, and I see them poping up there. But on the progress bar where it reads Pool Organization, I don't see any percentage. As a matter of fact, it was showing before. It was around 10% completion, but I had to hot unplug my SSD. When I did that, DP detected there was a drive missing, and stopped duplicating. When I plugged it back, it took a while, but instead of going back to the yellow bar with the Duplicating... (nn.n%) message, it showed the green bar. As it was taking forever to duplicate my files (more then 5TB to be copied 3x), I suspect it is still duplicating them, but DP doesn't show the progress percentage. Am I missing something or there is anything I should do? Thanks!
  11. So, after a while, I think everything is going on correctly. Is it possible to know what DP is doing? It seems it's duplicating my files. I just wanted to know if it's really happening, and maybe a progress bar or something where I can see when it's going to finish. Another question. Is there a reason why my write speed is so slow? If you look at Disk Performance, it's writing at 15kb/s. Is it normal? Thanks
  12. Same problem here. I can enable logging, if it helps.
  13. Shane, I don't know why, but my computer rebooted last night by itself. When I logged in today and checked DP, it's duplicating my files. Let's wait and see what happens. Thank you!
  14. So, I've finally installed my DrivePool, copied everything to it, deleted my RAID10 and added all the drives to my pool. After that, I set a folder to be duplicated 3x. It started re-balancing and duplicating my files, but now, DP is stopped (nothing is happening) and it shows on the Duplication Organization bar (which is yellow with the progress bar in the middle) the message Duplication Inconsistence. I've tried to re-balance and re-check duplication, but still nothing. As a reminder, my scenario was: I had a RAID10 with 4 discs and 5.6TB of data. I installed two new 4TB drives to my system and created a pool with them, so I had 7.5TB of free spaces. I then copied all my RAID10 files to my pool, without duplicating because I wasn't going to have enough space. After copying all the files and balancing was over, I deleted my RAID10, added all four drives to my pool and set a folder to be duplicated. It started duplicating and re-balacing, but it seems it didn't finish. I've attached a printscreen of my DP. BTW, DP shows 247GB of duplicated data, but the folder that should be duplicated has much more data than that. Thanks.
  15. Thanks you Shane! I'll do that! I already have a M2 on my computer as my C: drive. It has my S.O. and my applications on it. It's pretty fast already, but on top of that, I already have Primo Cache. In this scenario, I don't think it would be good to add my SSD, which is much slower then my M2 to my system and use it as a cache to my applications. I think it would slow down my system. Would you agree? I guess my best shot is to add the SSD, make it a cache to my DP (taking into account everything that has been said) and use PrimoCache to cache Read/Write to my DP, right? Once again, thank you all very much!
  16. gtaus, thank you very much for all your explanation and time. I don't have a single file that is 200GB. My files are around 70MB each, but summing all photos will end up with ~200GB. I'll definitely install my SSD and set it as a cache. Regarding Primo Cache, I already use it. As a matter of fact, I used to use it with my RAID10, so I could increase my performance a little bit. Good to know I can use it with DP. I'll do it, for sure! Thank you again.
  17. Thank you all for your replies. Even though I'm using it at home, I do have concerns about losing my data. I'm a wedding photographer, and I can't afford to lose my clients' photos. That's why I have a RAID10 and my backups (external HDDs and Crashplan to back up everything). Now, I have more questions about speeding things up using an SSD. I do have a spare 128TB SSD laying around. I don't have any more ports on my motherboard to connect it, though. I have an HDD docker that I can connect up to two HDDs via USB. So, I have a few options, but I need to understand how it'll work before making the changes. First, my scenario. When I shot a wedding, I come home with around 200GB of data. I copy everything to my RAID and then I start editing my photos. When I copy to my RAID, I have a piece of mind (at least I had) that my photos would be safe, as the RAID would store them all safely. Meanwhile, in the background, Crashplan is backing up everything on the cloud, and I only format my memory cards after crashplan has backed up everything AND I have delivered all the photos to my client (yes, I'm pretty obsessed about losing my photos before delivering them). Now, here comes my questions: 1) What happens if I have a 128GG SSD as a cache and tries to write 200GB of data at once? 2) I still want to have my photos written at least 2x, better yet 3x, so my risk of losing them is smaller. What would be the best strategy for that? I can afford to ask DP to duplicate my files once a day, for example, that is, it doesn't have to be on the fly. 3) Will my SSD speed up read AND write speed? 4) How do I set up my SSD as a cache? Any documentation? 5) As I said, I don't have any SATA connections left on my motherboard. All six ports are being used with my "backup" HDDs. What option would be better: a) Connect my SSD to my USB docker and leave all 6 HDDs connected to my motherboard; b) Remove one HDD from my motherboard and connect my SSD to it, and leave this HDD disconnected as a spare to replace one HDD when it fails; c) Remove one HDD from my motherboard and connect my SSD to it, but connect this spare HDD to my docker to increase my DP space; d) Don't use my SSD and just leave all my 6 HDDs connected to the pool? Once again, thank you all very much for all the help. It's very appreciated.
  18. Hi everyone. I have a desktop running Windows 10 Enterprise Edition and a motherboard that accepts up to 6 HDD. I have installed initially 4 HDD (1x3TB and 3x4TB) in RAID10. The RAID was created in the BIOS and then set up with Intel RST. I know I'm restricted by my 3TB HDD, but it's an old drive from the initial setup, and I'm waiting for it to fail to buy a 4TB new one to replace it. Anyway, My RAID is almost full, and I need to expand it. I bought two new 4TB drives and installed them on my system, but when I tried to increase my RAID with these two new drivers, I found out that I can't. If I want to increase my space, I have to delete my RAID and create it again, using my 6 HDDs. I don't have a problem deleting my RAID. I already backed up all my data. But as I'm going to start fresh, I was wondering if building the RAID10 again is a good decision. So, I have a few questions to try to help me decide what to do: 1) How does DrivePool compare to a RAID10 in terms of performance and data protection? 2) What is the difference between DP and Windows Storage Spaces? Should I consider Windows option instead? 3) I'm planning to have my entire pool duplicated (2x) and one specific folder duplicated 3x. How much space will it use for my entire Virtual Drive? Can I see it? 4) Regards the previews question, I'm asking this because I have already installed DP to try it. I have created a pool with my two 4TB new drives, and after creation, DP showed me 7,28TB of free space, and this number won't change even if I enable duplication. How can I know how much space I have left with duplication enabled? 5) I'm planning to copy all files from my RAID10 (5.6TB) to my newly created DP drive. After that, I'm planning to delete my RAID and add those drives to the pool and then enable duplication. Is it a good move? Sorry for all the questions, but I'm pretty lost with all possibilities. Thanks, Glauco
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