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  1. Yes, Mft fragmentataion is evil here. I guess it could explain many things with slow access/rebalance/etc as well. Did defragmenation (contig couldn't do it btw, had to use ultradefrag should someone else also be here and have the same problem) and all is much better now.
  2. Well, it takes almost one day for me to complete re-measuring, I have tens millions of small files though (may be 20 or 30 millions, mostly 100k size). The thing is that it affects server - getting list of drives, changing directory on drive which is not in pool - all takes time. Plex (my movies are in drivepool) just can't play any movie - several minutes tries to access file and then timeouts. Disk usage during measurement is at 100%, but cpu usage is at 0 almost. Disks are 3 SATA 7200RPM. So why could that happen, what could be in play here and how to check that? May be fragmentation? resou
  3. Ah, so basically my drive will work, just that with service turned off no whistles. And if I don't use any functionality like duplications/balancers - I can turn them off without any impact on basic functionality (which is very big volume spanned across several disks), GUI won't work as well, of course.
  4. I wonder how DrivePool works? I notices that if I turn off all services, disable them and restart - my pool is still there and all files are accessible. So what for services are and what is drawback of having them turned off? As I understand, there is some new fs CoveFS and there drivers in system which allow all that magic with showing all drives as single drive to work, so services are there just for auto-balance and statistics measurements, right? Thnx
  5. I have not very big pool (~8Tb) but with many many small files, millions of them. Measurement takes a lot of time which is expected, but I wonder why my system is so slow? Like when I try to get list of drives in explorer or open disk which is not even in pool - it takes several minutes to complete. Is it possible to stop measurement (like postpone) for some time may be? Because I'm not interested in statistics, I saw that even if I will stop drivepool service - my pool is still there and files are accessible. Or add some "decrease priority" button just like we have now "increase priority". Be
  6. Well, the main idea was to use drive pool for such folder because it may be very big one... I just turned off "save space" feature for now in OneDrive. Tried to collect logs, but that doesn't provide anything, the error is not inside of pool, the error is raised in OneDrive app which "couldn't connect to Windows"... Which goes along with high disk activity in the pool. That is pretty strange behaviour, may be it will be better to try to reproduce by yourself. Shall I report bug? I couldn't find anything about such issue so may be there was no report on it before.
  7. Not sure what do you mean? I moved onedrive folder to the pool drive, so all files are in the pool. All is ok until I turn on "Save space and download files as you use them" in onedrive.
  8. I decided to move onedrive to drivepool since I have 1Tb one drive space and there is not much space on system drive. Everything works correctly even with balancing in action which is great, unless I don't turn on "download files on demand" option in one drive. I noticed that if I have that option turned on (which is natural, I don't need 1Tb data copy on my disk) OneDrive starts to behave strangely and raises errors "OneDrive couldn't connect to windows" and tries to sync files infinitely while OneDrive tries to write those fictive files to disks. I had to turn off that option but that is unf
  9. Yes, that makes sense, but don't remember any big update from microsoft being installed after 10th and there was no update for drive pool also. Anyway issue was resolved, thanks
  10. Actually it did help, thanks. Not sure what, but I have a suspicion that I forgot to run installer with admin privileges
  11. Heard many good things about DrivePool, decided to test it. Have downloaded the latest stable build available on main downloads page for win10 x64 ( Installed it, started drivepool - received an error "Background service failed to start, please restart". Restarted windows several times, restarted windows service of drivepool several times - didn't help. Checked logs of service - what I see there is DrivePool.Service.exe Information 0 [BitLocker] BitLocker monitoring started 2018-08-08 20:19:46Z 1169533024 DrivePool.Service.exe Information 0 [Main] Stab
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