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  1. Thanks Christopher!
  2. deleted my accidental duplicate post
  3. I too would very much like the see a scheduler implemented, as I would prefer that all my uploads to Google Drive occured overnight. Please consider making this more of a priority, since remembering to pause/re-start uploads or throttle/un-throttle the bandwidth every night and morning is a real PITA. (Side note: I'm on a residential unlimited internet gigabit plan, but my ISP actually sent me a letter complaining that I was uploading too much data during peak hours (i.e., during the day), and it was impacting other internet users in my neighborhood. I was uploading about 1-2 TB's per month to Google Drive, for about 4 consecutive months. They said they would cut off my internet if I didn't do my heavy uploading overnight instead. Since they are the only high speed ISP in my area, I have to comply.)
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