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  1. FWIW, i would very much like this. Indeed, this is the one thing keeping me off of DrivePool. I would happily move to drivepool and even pay extra for such a feature. My use case is similar to Phidaissi's. I often download torrents, but then use hardlinks to 'virtually move' them to a new location with a different name. In my scenario, both the torrent location and the final destination location would be in the same pool. So this constraint would be satisfied: > But keep in mind that if we do implement something like this, we'd probably ONLY move hardlinked files in the pool, around. Right now i'm using storage spaces, and the experience is pretty abysmal. Performance is terrible (using a parity setup) and I'd really like to move to some alternate tech. DrivePool+Snapraid looks great and has awesome perf when i've tested it. However, the lack of hardlinks makes it a non-starter as i simply cannot have my folder setup properly like i can with Storage Spaces (which does support hard links). Thanks so much!
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