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  1. Little update: I managed to flash my Fujitsu D3116C which is based on the SAS2208 chipset to a 2308 IT mode firmware, but I still couldn't get the disks to spin down or get power management working. Turns out: It works fine with SATA disks. Seems that the SAS drives have it either disabled in firmware or something else is more likely going on, as HDD Scan is able to spin them down. I suspect Windows just might not be able to properly spin down SAS disks. Have you tried the registry hack that's floating around to enable idle power management?
  2. Ah that's a shame. I was always under the impression that an HBA in IT mode would pass all control of the drives to the OS, including power management, is that not correct? I remember I have an older Fujitsu (D2616) somewhere where I did get spindown working, but not in JBOD mode so every drive has to be configured as a raid 0, which is annoying. Yes I've tried that option, didn't work unfortunately. Although I have now come to realise that since the drives are SAS, they don't report SMART, so I guess that Problem is solved. The Motherboard I'm using also has an Intel SAS controller which I unfortunately cannot test with Scanner as it is locked to SATA mode without a key So now my requirements are pretty much down to being able to use the Disk Control options in Scanner. I'll experiment a bit more and if I can find a combination/configuration that works I will post it here.
  3. Hello I'm sorry for reviving this year old thread (and I hope I don't get into trouble for that ) but I'm in a very similar situation. I am looking at Stablebit Scanner but neither Smart Data nor Disk Control (specifically spin down) is supported on my Fujitsu D3116C RAID controller (LSI 2208 based) so I was looking into alternatives that are compatible with Scanner as I do know that the drives themselves support spin down (little tool called HHD Scan told me, it also shows me Smart values for some of my drives but not all), so that should not be the limitation. Before I buy, I wanted to ask if you @Christopher (Drashna) could confirm that for me since you've used M1015 in the past? Or do you have any other recommendations for cheap-ish HBA's that fulfill these criteria and work with Scanner? I think I saw the M1115 mentioned somewhere else in the thread as well, but again, I just want to be sure before I pull the trigger (sigh, student budget.. ) Specifically being able to spin down the drives is extremely important to me. Thanks in advance
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