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  1. Firstly You will ask to reactivate license.
  2. vervolk

    Restore license

    I know what needs to be deactivated, but the old system is no longer functional. I still have a copy of the files, but not a working version of Windows.
  3. vervolk

    Restore license

    After the upgrade on the new hardware, the old windows did not work and had to be reinstalled. On the new system, the license activation failed. How do I restore the license on the new machine now?
  4. Windows is broken and I can't boot. I had to install the system from scratch. How do I deactivate the license for migration now?
  5. You can also use your Activation ID to get support for your order. In order to help us locate your order quickly, please provide your Activation ID when contacting support. Do not share your Activation ID with anyone. In russia it is memed as "взаимоисключающие параграфы" (mutually exclusive paragraphs) or Catch-22 in english. So: "provide" or "not shared" , that is the question?
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